No Republican Official Should Appear on ‘Meet the Press’ Again — Ever!


Chuck Todd devoted an entire show to misinformation by misinforming the public. He is so biased that he likely doesn’t even know he’s doing it.

Rolling Stone interviewed him and after an interview like that one, no Republican official should turn up on his show, ‘Meet the Press’.

According to Todd, the only ones spreading misinformation are Kellyanne Conway talking about alternative facts (which was taken out of context), Trump about crowd size (this from the supporters of candidates who mostly find it difficult to fill a small room), and Senator Kennedy “blatantly using Russian talking points to blame Ukraine for interfering in the 2016 election.”

He also trashed Rudy Giuliani, but can’t find a thing wrong with socialist Democrat politicians.

Who would have ever thought the charming man from Louisiana was a Russian asset (no one in their right mind).

Todd also decided that Sen. Ted Cruz is a conspiracy theorist. Apparently, he never tuned into Rachel Maddow.

Todd only condemns Republicans, who should consider boycotting the show. No one on his network filters or fact-checks a thing he says.

This show was aired on Christmas Eve.

Todd is absurdly biased and only uses the Republicans to trash them later.


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