No Republican Will Ever Be a Supreme Court Justice Again, Here’s Why


by Ann McCormack

As someone who has been molested twice as a child, I take sexual assault very seriously, but as awful as assault is for the victim, it’s just as terrible for innocent people accused of assault.

After listening to the non-existent evidence and listening to Dianne Feinstein politicize the hearing this morning, I am convinced this entire Kavanaugh fiasco is a scam.

This morning, Feinstein presented the allegations by the other accusers as if they were fact. There was no reason to mention the other accusers and she failed to mention they have no evidence. She also said Dr. Ford is not on trial. This is a job interview. Meanwhile, they are accusing the Judge of a crime and trying to ruin his life.

Dr. Kavanaugh earned both his undergraduate and law school degrees at Yale. The students and professors at Yale have assumed the judge’s guilt as Democrats claim is appropriate. They are accusing the judge of hiring young, attractive women as if it is untoward. I don’t know if it’s true that the judge hires only young, attractive women but leftists are deliberately going after his reputation as a man who supports and promotes women. The university is now investigating two Yale professors who have sent applicants to Kavanaugh.

These allegations are truly going to destroy Judge Kavanaugh.

As Chuck Schumer, the party leader, said, Democrats don’t believe in presumption of innocence except in a courtroom [and not for Republicans]

Ford was teary as she read her statement. She is acting as if the incident happened yesterday. That is very odd. Her alleged pain is not believable.

Ms. Blasey is convinced it happened but didn’t explain all the inconsistencies.

The Democrats have said they will do whatever it takes to stop Judge Kavanaugh. They don’t care if they destroy him.


They are already preparing to destroy the next nominee.

The progressives are after Judge Amy Coney Barrett, assuming she will be the next candidate. At least they can’t pull a #MeToo on her —— I think.

If Republicans don’t appoint the Judge after this kangaroo court and Blasey’s emotional testimony, it’s over for Republicans in November.

Axios reported this morning that the website has already been purchased by the progressive group Demand Justice. That is a group run by Hillary’s former aide Brian Fallon and Feinstein’s former aide Paige Herwig. It’s funded in part by George Soros.

These political terrorists aren’t even waiting for Judge Kavanaugh to be voted down. They aren’t even waiting for her to be a nominee.

All nominees will be assaulted by the hard left Democrats. This is proof.

Judge Kavanaugh brought up the obvious result of this horrible process, as have others. The only candidates who will accept a nomination or survive should they be foolish enough to accept are progressives.

If Judge Kavanaugh is not confirmed and this precedent is set, it’s over for Republicans and for the comcept of presumption of innocence.

This is a war. Prepare to fight or you will be assimilated as the Borg would say.

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