No, Republicans and Democrats Aren’t Responsible for the Anti-Trump Dossier


The lie of the century is getting worse. Republicans and Democrats aren’t responsible for the anti-Trump Russia dossier as the left-wing media and people like Brian Fallon are now trying to say. The Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) are responsible for it. Also responsible were the FBI, the CIA and the D.C. establishment which includes neverTrump Republicans. They deceived the public, all of them.

Fusion GPS was hired by Clinton’s campaign lawyer Marc Elias to conduct the research that led to the Russia dossier. The research was conducted by Christopher Steele who colluded with the Kremlin to put it together. Clinton had to have known because it involved a $7 million expenditure.

Hillary Clinton and the campaign and the DNC lied for months about being the source of the dossier even as the dossier appeared to have been the basis for the Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

A CNN panel discussed the Clinton campaign/DNC funding of the research into the anti-Trump Russia dossier.  Wolf Blitzer and a Washington Post editor falsely stated Republicans and Democrats funded the dossier.

The rats are trying to leave the ship.

You can hear the panel on this clip.

Democrats in general are trying to pass off the dossier as merely opposition research and it might have been used to launch the FBI investigation into Trump-Russia collusion. Senator McCain admitted to giving it to the FBI but he won’t say, as of now, whether he knew of its origins or that Russian spies in the Kremlin provided much of the information.

We all knew about the Russian spies’ input months ago.

While the dossier was first funded by a Republican supporting a primary challenger to President Trump, it was not used to spread disinformation and we can now confirm it was after the former British spy Christopher Steele was hired.

The Washington Post articles on the dossier and DNC/Clinton funding suggested Steele was hired while the Republican was funding the research but that is not accurate. Chuck Ross, a reporter for the Daily Caller found the documentation indicating that Steele, the man who actually colluded with Russian spies in the Kremlin, was hired in June.

The collusion was between Steele and the Kremlin spies. The Republican dropped the opposition research project with Fusion GPS in March [WaPo said by April but it was in March] as The Washington Post reported because that person’s candidate dropped out of the Primary by that point.

It is also true that Clinton colluded with a foreign power.

There is another factor which the NY Times reporter Glenn Thrush stated on Chris Matthews’ show. Not only did the Clinton campaign lie about the source over and over, they wanted people to think it came from the intelligence community.

None of this exonerates John McCain, the neverTrumpers, the D.C. establishment, the FBI, the CIA and all the other lying rats.

They are the people who want the outsider gone at all costs. They will say and do anything.

We should soon hear more about the Russian Uranium deal and the Russian scheme to take control of a portion of U.S. energy. That should be very revealing. The entire swamp must be emptied. This is a good beginning.

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6 years ago

I agree. It is suspicious how these “revelations” suddenly come out as we are getting closer to the truth. The intent is to come up with a bogus explanation to sidestep a real investigation. Ryan is now getting involved, claims the FBI promised him all info. Come on. Ryan is firmly anti-Trump, has never indicated any interest in any non-Trump scandals.

6 years ago

Meanwhile, CNN and MSNBC won’t even mention the uranium deal or the fake Trump dossier, CNN has been busy all morning creating some new “scandal” to pin on PDJT. here it is “Trump campaign analytics company contacted WikiLeaks about Clinton emails” its a nothing burger, they are desperate to get something on TRUMP!!!!

6 years ago

Evidently good ole Clapper still has his sites set on the dossier being a valid intelligence document. In his role he would certainly know, or should know who was behind it. He did “admit” a corroboration that was in the Intelligence Assessment, which I already suspected. What is sounds like is he “used” the dossier to “create” the Intelligence document. This would suggest that a former agent, Steele, was able to garner cyber infiltration Before the CIA did. A good part of the dossier is about this cyber activity and Trump, working with Russia, to cyber attack the DNC. This would seem contradictory as the dossier also suggests a Trump “mole” in the DNC. Why would there be a need for a Russian hacker if one is already undercover in the opponents camp. THEN there is the Russian infiltration that Steele was able to accomplish. If Steele would have such access to such high levels in Russia then WHERE is the CIA. How come THEY didn’t know of this Russian plan WELL before Steele was hired. You mean to tell us that a “former” agent can have better access than our own Multi-Billion dollar Agency. This would suggest our own Intelligence Agencies are literally Worthless and should immediately be investigated for their failures.