No Safe Spaces! A Nice Little Story


Comedian Adam Carolla teamed up with the fearless Dennis Prager to make a movie tackling the attack on free speech. It has gotten off to a terrific start in just one Phoenix showing.

For those of us who believe in free speech, it’s uplifting. College campuses have become politically correct, pampering young people with safe spaces, and many classical liberals, libertarians, Republicans, and conservatives believe this will destroy our freedoms and who we are as a nation.

“The film raked in an estimated $45,000 on one screen in Phoenix, the production team said, adding that the only documentary that earned more from one screen on an opening weekend was Michael Moore’s “Sicko” in 2007,” Fox News reported. According to Fox News:

No Safe Spaces” examines the politically correct world of academia, largely driven by the political left. Prager has called the film a “wake-up call” to the American people, claiming the left is trampling on free speech to satisfy its agendas.

Carolla said the goal of his new documentary was simply to “make people aware of how nuts it is on campuses and in the media when it comes to censorship based on feelings” rather than facts.

“It’s not a left or a right-wing thing,” Carolla told Fox News this past Wednesday. “We have people across the political spectrum in the film, including [liberal CNN pundit] Van Jones, who says it doesn’t help his team to have young people who can’t defend their beliefs. This is hurting everyone.”

In the film, Corolla and Prager travel the country, touring campuses, talking to experts and advocates.

If you go to the website, ‘No Safe Spaces,’ you can plug in your zip code and get the times and locations of the showings.

Watch the trailer:

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