No-Show George Demos Was Caught Lying – by a Church Deacon


George Demon is still missing

A church Deacon was forced to call George Demos out for his dishonesty yesterday. George Demos, a congressional candidate, who can’t be found and has a secret campaign office, was a no-show for his last debate with his primary opponent State Senator Lee Zeldin, who is also an Army Major. Demos appears to be trying to compete with the candidates who ran for Governor of New York. Remember the rent is too damn high and the lady of the night candidates?

Demos has done his best to create a circus-like atmosphere around the primary as he accepts funds from California Democrats and televises endorsements intimately tied to a company he hired – InField Consulting.

George Demos, aside from his pricey campaign ads, is missing. No one can find him and no one knows where he is. He has a campaign office but he won’t tell anyone where it is. He doesn’t show up at events on Long Island and he didn’t show up for his second debate.

I don’t remember ever seeing a campaign run like this but he is, after-all, a Pelosi-Republican, and he shares the same level of non-transparency with Mrs. Pelosi.

He chickened out of the debate and, after being a no-show, he had the audacity to later claim he never agreed to a debate, a claim debunked by a church Deacon who repeatedly called him “No Show George” during the John Gomez radio show Tuesday.

The Southampton Full Gospel Church arranged, planned and executed the debate between George Demos and Lee Zeldin which was to be held last week. Deacon James Boyd was the point of contact for the church and both candidates.

The church has held debates before and the members want to hear from all candidates. They are neither right nor left politically.

Deacon James appeared on the John Gomez radio show Tuesday to discuss George Demos’ claim that he never agreed to the debate. The Deacon said that George Demos and his campaign confirmed the debate by voice and by email. There were rules he wanted and he got those rules, the Deacon said.

“Here is the problem,” Deacon James stated, “George Demos is untrustworthy, he is just not transparent.” He went on to say that we are getting people in office who are not transparent, who are not standing up for what they believe. The debate was meant to provide an opportunity for the candidates to stand up and answer questions, he told listeners.

“You heard about the last thing he asked for?”, the Deacon asked John Gomez. “He asked for ten Southampton policemen to be present at the debate…it’s ludicrous,” Deacon James said in disbelief.

I apologize for the static on these few short clips. It’s worth listening to even with the static:

George Demos’ new Pelosi-ish campaign slogan: “Vote for me and you’ll find out what I do.”



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