No Spoilers! Try to Pick Out the Bald-Faced Lie in the CNN Headline


Instead of suing President Trump to allow the activist Jim Acosta back to stir up trouble during pressers, perhaps CNN should stop lying.

Look at the headline, pick out the ‘error’  and then ask yourself if anything in the piece on ICE can be trusted.

The headline reads: This year saw the most people in ICE detention since 2001

A number of people immediately caught it so they changed it — very, very subtly.

After people pointed to the fact that ICE didn’t exist until 2003, they took ‘ICE’ out of the title. This is a subtle hit piece on ICE.

They also altered a paragraph.

CNN added this: ICE, which was not formally created until 2003, provided data on detentions back to 2001 when the US Immigration and Naturalization Service handled immigration detentions. INS was dissolved in 2003 in the government restructuring that created ICE.

Nowhere in the article does it mention these changes. It’s mentioned in a reply on their original tweet but not in the article.

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John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago

The fact that the mainstream sold out media, especially the likes of CNN, still have an audience is fascinating. This does not reflect favourably on the mentality of this audience…