No Stand Down Order Given – An Impossible Situation Thanks to the WH




The Republican-led House is making public a committee report Tuesday that concludes there was no stand down order given.

Lt. Col. Gibson said he was told to ‘remain in place’ which is different.

“I was not ordered to stand down. I was ordered to remain in place. ‘Stand down’ implies that we cease all operations, cease all activities. We continued to support the team that was in Tripoli. We continued to maintain visibility of the events as they unfolded. … If we would have went into Benghazi, it could have been catastrophic,” Gibson said in June.

This is what Gibson has maintained since the investigation began.

“They didn’t know where the next attack was coming from,” a congressional aide told the blaze. “They were given alternate orders to stay in Tripoli.”

“I think some people are going to be upset about it,” the committee aide told the blaze of the report’s finding. “There is plenty to criticize the administration for … [but] the criticism that there is a ‘stand down’ order, we just couldn’t find support for. Not in the sense that others had interpreted it. He was certainly told, ‘do not go to Benghazi,’ but as we say, there was a reason why.”

The aide said Gibson was put in an “impossible situation” because of the White House’s “inability to prepare” for possible attacks marking the anniversary of 9/11.

“What words were spoken and orders given are only relevant to this investigation because of the impossible situation that Gibson was put in,” the aide said. “He was never intended to have to respond to a crisis like that, it was not what his mission was there for. He was a soldier honestly trying to defend fellow Americans under fine and he was forced into a position where he had to make an impossible choice: Do I stay and defend the people here in case there’s an attack, or do I run forward to defend the people under attack, not knowing fully what was going on out there?”

“He was forced to make that choice as a consequence of the White House’s inability to prepare ahead of the crisis ahead of that anniversary,” the aide continued. “That is a completely unfair position to put him in, and what words are used or what orders are given to him are only relevant because he was put in that position in the first place.”

The belief that there was a stand down order has been used to hammer Obama but all he had to do was tell the public what happened which he has refused to do. He lets out information in dribs and drabs under duress, but he is the imperial president after all.

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