No, Tim Cook Won’t Bring $$$ Back for Phony Patriotism


The Democrats turned Socialists have been trying for eight years to sell Americans on the idea that it’s patriotic to pay exorbitant taxes but Tim Cook isn’t buying it.

Apple CEO Tim Cook will not bring back corporate profits to the US until there is a “fair rate”.

The US currently has the highest corporate rate in the world and it’s hurting the US economy which leftists fail to understand.

Multinational companies are allowed to shelter profits made abroad from the outlandish 35% US corporate tax rate.

Since when does the government deserve 35% of other peoples’ labors?

The line the tax mongers like to sell is it’s patriotic to pay taxes but it’s really theft by government.

“It is the current tax law. It’s not a matter of being patriotic or not patriotic,” Cook told The Washington Post in a lengthy sit-down. “It doesn’t go that the more you pay, the more patriotic you are.”

Cook said it was up to Congress and the president to enact tax reform, which he is “optimistic” will take place sometime next year.

Republican White House contender Donald Trump recently unveiled an overhauled tax plan that, among other things, lowers the corporate rate to 15 percent from the current 35.

Hillary Clinton has gone towards Socialism and would change a key rule to make it harder to execute “tax inversions,” in which a United States firm merges with a foreign competitor and moves its corporate headquarters overseas in order to get access to lower taxes in the merger partner’s country. Another would limit the deductibility of interest when it is used as a tool to avoid American taxes. [Corporations do pay US taxes and foreign taxes] A third provision is an “exit tax” on companies that relocate outside the United States without first repatriating earnings kept abroad.

Mrs. Clinton has also pitched tax credits for companies that hire workers from apprenticeships or share profits with their workers [the government would pick the employees].

If the left wants to put money back into the system, they have to make taxes reasonable. The top 1% already pay over 43% of the federal taxes while 45% of the non-rich nation pay none. Leftist policies do not work. It’s patriotic for the government to stop stealing outrageous sums from people who happen to make good. The left is actively destroying our definition of Capitalism and putting government in the middle — it’s called crony Capitalism.



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