No Toys For Joy.


Merry Christmas! was the sound of joy. Happy Birthday! would bring streams of happiness. Are those times of excitement and cheer soon to be relished in memories of a time gone by? I ask this question not in a jovial manner as one would hope but more in  a manner of concern. Oh yes we may laugh and kid and always say never, not here, you’re blowing it out of proportion, but are we?

We just recently had the pleasure, or not, of a New York city councilman introducing a bill to ban happy meal toys if  the meal does not fall into the acceptable calorie count as prescribed by__________. I leave that blank for it is irrelevant in this conversation. You see we have mom and dad end of story! In my last viewing of the constitution I have yet to see where it is transcribed “food police”. To better understand I feel one might ask; why sell cookies, donuts,chips or candy bars? Do these items of joy not bring happiness to the consumer? The question becomes where will  it start and where will it end? You see from our experience in which everyone can surely testify,once that government program has started an end is never in sight. Oh sure today it may be their happy meal, but tomorrow……well it could very well be your breakfast egg sandwich.

What this conversation boils down to is this little two word description “Personal Responsibility” everyone out there knows the risk rather it be calculated or not it is their decision. These are the rights of being an individual. Individualism is what makes us a unique society. It gives us choice, through that choice derives reason.Far be it for another entity regardless of who or what it is to take that away.

So when that son or daughter brings home that A+ on his or her report card or does their chores with that little extra beat of enthusiasm . Perhaps it’s that little special moment where that one on one bond takes place ,or on the way back from the soccer practice or maybe  they just got their first base hit. If Mom and Dad decide to treat them with that little extra happy meal toy so be it. As for me, I’ll have my eggs scrambled with bacon, hold the salt, just pepper and ketchup, thank you very much.


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