Nominee for IRS Commissioner Thinks IRS Targeting Is OK


Mr. Obama’s nominee for IRS tax commissioner is a man who said that the IRS targeting of conservative groups was not necessarily illegal. He rejected the notion that the IRS targeting was improper.

Freddie Mac Chief Executive John Koskinen departs the White House after a meeting about the economy with U.S. President Barack Obama in the State Dining Room in Washington

John Koskinen, turn-around expert

President Obama chose John Koskinen as his nominee for US tax commissioner 120 days ago. He is a man with little tax experience but is known as a turn-around expert. He’s a 74-year-old lawyer who took over a much-beleagured Freddie Mac five years ago. He also worked under Clinton in the mid-90’s and managed government affairs during the shutdown.

He will breeze through the senate thanks to Reid’s nuclear option which allows for nominees to be confirmed with only 51 votes.

The reason his nomination was held up was because the House said they want some action on the IRS targeting scandal of conservative organizations first. A hearing to consider Koskinen ended today.

Koskinen tried to reassure Congress that he will do the job fairly. He said, “In every area of the IRS, taxpayers need to be confident that they will be treated fairly, no matter what their background or their affiliations,” Koskinen told the Senate Finance Committee. “Public trust is the IRS’ most important and valuable asset.,” according to Reuters.

Koskinen has contributed about $80,000 to Democratic candidates dating back to 1989, public campaign records show, including two $2,500 donations last year to Obama.

He wants to grow the behemoth IRS and said: “The IRS will have 11,000 fewer people working during this upcoming filing season while processing the largest number of returns in its history,” Koskinen said. “I don’t care how efficient you become, that is not a recipe for success or improved compliance and taxpayer service.”

Mr. Obama wants a 14 percent increase in their budget.

The Obamacare mess will demand tens of thousands of IRS agents once all is said and done.

The Obama Administration issued a new rule which bans “candidate-related political activity” for tax-exempt organizations, according to  The rule appears to be aimed squarely at conservative groups such as Karl Rove’s group Crossroads GPS. They don’t have a problem with the hundreds of millions spent by unions to buy elections, only conservative groups.

These are Mr. Obama’s answers to the Tea Party scandal which he refused to investigate.


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