Non-Amazon Employees Demand the Company Provide Prayer Rooms for Them 5 Times a Day


Muslim guards are demanding Amazon give them a prayer room. Not only that, they demand they be allowed to pray five times a day. They aren’t even Amazon employees.

Amazon already supplies the privilege to Amazon employees. The guards are employed by a security company so why is this Amazon’s problem?

The guards can go to a private area almost anywhere and pray.  No one will stop them. Imagine if Catholics made this demand?

Amazon is a big supporter of Islam and will give in no doubt.

Socialist union SEIU is backing them up as they did in February when they teamed up to put out this BS video with the hard-left, Fascist group #Resistance:

The SEIU teamed up with them again to send a “strongly worded letter” for the contracted security officers who protect the tech giant.”

They plan to march on commie day, May 1. How appropriate!


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