Non-Detonating ‘Bombs’ Could Have Come From a Foreign Source


Senior news correspondent Adam Housley reported that a Federal source told him the bombs were not in danger of exploding since there was no detonation device. He added later that the FBI has NOT ruled out a foreign source.

He first tweeted: From fed source: “complete hoaxes” multiple wires when they only needed one, Housley tweeted. Reports of cell phones being involved was false. So no intention of harm. Now the questions. Dry run, or a false flag from the right or left trying to mess over the other side?

The former Fox correspondent added that one tech thinks the perpetrator(s) stopped short of making the bomb viable for a reason. Perhaps it was a dry run, a hoax, or a foreign entity.


In the wee hours of Thursday morning, Housley wrote on Twitter: And to stir it up even more…earlier this afternoon one investigator said a foreign entity hadn’t been ruled out. I gotta believe by this hour…they got a good idea.

We think so too. There are video cams everywhere; if couriers were used, they can be found; and there has to be evidence on the ‘bombs’ themselves.

Andrew Cuomo kept calling the ‘bomber’ a ‘he’ and an ‘individual’. It’s possible he knows it’s a ‘he’ and a lone bomber or it was just in manner of phrasing.

If it is a foreign entity, why? It could just be to mess with us and affect our elections. Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Russians did it? We aren’t spreading any rumors — just joking.

The foreign source possibility would make sense. Who would send these ‘bombs’ nearly simultaneously to so many people and not expect to get caught? Someone in a foreign country would. If it is a foreign source who didn’t leave the country, he truly is nuts.

So collect all the comments from Democrats and the media about Republicans being to blame. We might need them soon. It’s likely this case will be wrapped up with an arrest(s) quickly.

The NY Times reported that the techs they hired to look at the photos think the bomb sent to CNN looks like a hoax bomb. It was possibly only meant to look scary and to terrorize.

As a side-note, last night, media misreported a story claiming two bombs were addressed to Maxine Waters but, as it happens, there was only one. There has been a lot of misreporting, so be careful.

And just for fun, why was Jim Acosta hanging around the bomb taking pictures when everyone was evacuated?

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