Norm Macdonald Takes on Kathy Griffin’s Silly Description of Stormy


We all know the majority of Democrats like to elevate the job of a porno star, stripper, and prostitute. Kathy is doing that with her friend Stormy Daniels. All those adjectives describe floozy Stormy Daniels who has spent the last couple years ripping into Trump and calling him names. She even wrote a book describing his private parts.

When she lost big in court, the President responded by returning the favor and called her ‘horseface’. That lit up Twitter and the mainstream media spent the day on it as if there was no other news.

The Associated Press posted the story but Kathy Griffin made certain to add to their description of Stormy.

She reminded us in bold letters that the elite porn/stripper/prostitute star is also a “director”, and “actress and director”.

Norm Macdonald had some fun with that and added to the AP story: Hahahaha. That’s a very important point. Let’s not forget this woman is a director.

No one should be demeaned but calling her a director without adding it’s for low-budget porno film clips is just silly.

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