Thanks Obama! North Korea, Iran, Sudan All Working Together on Nuclear


Pentagon officials have found evidence that North Korea and Obama’s BFF Iran are working together militarily on nuclear missile development. They might have helped Sudan obtain nuclear weaponry.

Officials say Iran launched a cruise missile from a “midget” submarine this week and the submarine was based on a Pyongyang design like the one that sank a South Korean warship in 2010.

Nonproliferation experts have long suspected they have been sharing expertise on rogue missile programs.

One proliferation expert said, “The very first missiles we saw in Iran were simply copies of North Korean missiles. Over the years, we’ve seen photographs of North Korean and Iranian officials in each other’s countries, and we’ve seen all kinds of common hardware.”

Michael Rubin, an analyst with the conservative-leaning American Enterprise Institute, told The Washington Times that the Obama administration had “left a loophole a mile wide when they effectively allowed Iran to conduct all the illicit work it wants outside of Iran, in countries like North Korea or perhaps Sudan.”

Iran has said they want to help Sudan obtain nuclear weaponry. Saudi diplomats in Khartoum believe Iran shipped advanced nuclear equipment including centrifuges to Sudan in 2012.  Sudan, however, walked back ties with Iran in 2016 over Yemen.

Horrible statist nations are all working together and at least one of them has been enriched by the United States thanks to the treasonous former president Obama who oddly enjoys enormous popularity in the United States.

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