North Korea Lunatic Calls Sanctions An “Act of War”, Mattis Warns Troops


The North Korean madman Kim Jong-un announced via his news service, two days after the United Nations Security Council approved new economic sanctions, that it the increased sanctions are an “Act of War” that threatens the stability of the entire region.

The harshest criticism by North Korea was leveled at the United States which is accused of “nuclear threats, blackmail and hostile moves.” Apparently he wants the U.S. to sit this one out until he hits a U.S. city or territory.

The U.N. sanctions will greatly diminish North Korea’s ability to import oil, further damaging their already rapidly declining economy.

The North Korean news service described the latest UN sanctions “as a violent breach of our republic’s sovereignty and an act of war that destroys the peace and stability of the Korean peninsula and a wide region”.

“The United States, completely terrified at our accomplishment of the great historic cause of completing the state nuclear force, is getting more and more frenzied in the moves to impose the harshest-ever sanctions and pressure on our country.”

“We will further consolidate our self-defensive nuclear deterrence aimed at fundamentally eradicating the US nuclear threats, blackmail and hostile moves by establishing the practical balance of force with the US.”

The sanctions are meant to attain peace and keep North Korea from starting another disastrous war – peace through strength.

North Korea recently displayed far more advanced capabilities in ballistic missiles and weaponry than anyone knew they had. They aren’t able to hit the U.S. yet but how close do we want to let them get? Vice President Pence believes their months away.

All eyes are on China. If they abide by the sanctions, which they are not doing, North Korea could be defeated through diplomacy though diplomacy has never worked before. There are rumors that the President is willing to halt trade with China before going to war.

Secretary Mattis told the troops to prepare for war. Being prepared for it, helps stop it, he believes.

“Storm clouds are gathering” over the Korean Peninsula, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis declared Friday.”

“My fine young soldiers, the only way our diplomats can speak with authority and be believed is if you’re ready to go,” Mattis told several dozen soldiers and airmen at the 82nd Airborne Division’s Hall of Heroes, his last stop on a two-day pre-holiday tour of bases to greet troops.

There is still time for optimism and diplomacy, he said.

“There is very little reason for optimism,” he added.

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