North Korea Still Wants to Meet “Anytime In Any Format”


The leftist trolls are out bashing the President because he called off the North Korea Summit. They think he did it because he wanted to beat Kim Jong-un to the punch. Actually, this is about negotiation and leverage. Trump’s a tough negotiator — he’s not Obama.

He is not going to put up with Kim calling Vice President Pence a “political dummy”. Trump cancelled the Summit after the North Koreans insulted the Vice President who said if the Summit doesn’t work, they could implement the Libya model — the one that ousted Gaddafi.

North Korea now says NoKo will meet under any conditions according to Martha MacCallum: BREAKING: KIM JONG UN – WE EXPRESS OUR WILLINGNESS TO SIT DOWN FACE-TO-FACE WITH THE US AND RESOLVE ISSUES ANYTIME IN ANY FORMAT. and there’s more….

The Iran deal is not going to happen. Many feared that is what they were after.

Kim doesn’t want to unilaterally denuke and therein lies a problem.

The U.S. was also concerned over North Korea’s objection to U.S.-South Korea military drills. And American officials didn’t appreciate being stood up at last week’s planning meeting in Singapore.

What don’t these leftists get about negotiation? They’re not stupid people. It might not work out but it certainly won’t if Trump follows the Clinton-Obama model of leading like a blithering idiot, making any deal for the sake of a deal.

The leftists said Trump was played

Meanwhile it looks like Kim blew up a nuclear testing site Thursday morning and then the President cancelled the deal.

The media hates Trump so much that they no longer make any sense.They say he was played when he in fact, played them.

This Palmer Report can’t get anything right. Stone’s finances were looked at by special counsel Mueller because he is on a witch hunt. And that old story about him committing espionage is supported by NO EVIDENCE.

Meanwhile, Trump just keeps doing his job. He rolled back the horrible Dodd-Frank bill today. That bill was put together by two crooks — Dodd and Frank.


President Trump sent a letter to Kim, telling him he was calling it off because the meeting “was a detriment to the world.”

“This missed opportunity is a truly sad moment in history,” Trump wrote.

He also wrote that he was “very much looking forward” to their meeting until the recent “tremendous anger and open hositility” displayed by North Korea.

The President thanked Kim for the “beautiful gesture” releasing the three American hostages.

Trump also said later that he had spoken with Defense Secretary Jim Mattis and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, warning that the military is ready if necessary to take action against North Korea.

According to a senior White House official, President Trump “dictated every word” of the letter to Kim Jong Un himself.

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Patricia A Parke
Patricia A Parke
5 years ago

To all the lefties who think that NK blowing up the entrances to it’s nuclear test site is a gesture of good faith: the site was no longer useable because the inside of the mountain was collapsing. It was a throwaway gesture which the lefty press has given him great credit for. Speaking of who’s been played…..

Frank S.
Frank S.
5 years ago

That’s what happens when No-Ko’s talk trash to the wrong president.