North Korea: US Will Meet a Miserable Destruction

Kim Jong Un
Kim Jong Un

Reuters reported that “North Korea on Sunday warned the top U.S. military commander stationed in South Korea that his forces would ‘meet a miserable destruction’ if they go ahead with scheduled military drills with South Korean troops.”

A rare direct phone call was made by Pak Rim-su, chief delegate of the North Korean military mission to the inter-Korean truce village of Panmunjom, to Gen. James Thurman, the commander of the U.S. Forces Korea.

“If your side ignites a war of aggression by staging the reckless joint military exercises…at this dangerous time, from that moment your fate will be hung by a thread with every hour,” Pak was quoted as saying.

“You had better bear in mind that those igniting a war are destined to meet a miserable destruction.”

The military exercises that North Korea is objecting to are not unusual.

The North Koreans are stepping up the war rhetoric. Is it saber-rattling or do they believe they can destroy us in the near future?

They recently tested another long-range missile which they said is meant for an attack on the US. They have the capability to hit Hawaii now.

Many would like to believe that North Korea is years from being a threat. That’s a pipe dream. The threat is here now.

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