North Korea’s Got a Big Crystal Meth Problem and a Tubby Tyrant With Nuclear Weapons


North Korean meth has hit the U.S. streets and it’s so pure – as much as 98% – that it literally drives people crazy. “The drug was so pure that “people in New York, they went crazy… the places that we put it in the States, New York… Boston, all these places, I mean, they went crazy,” VICE reports.

Americans are funding the maniacs in North Korea when they purchase their meth.

That would explain what’s wrong with crazy chubby little terrorist Kim Jong Un.

According to a new report by Dr. Sheena Chestnut Greitens, an assistant professor of political science at the University of Missouri, the North Korean government has used drug manufacturing and a host of other nefarious activities to raise funds since the 1970s.

Shocker! Communists engage in criminal activities to fund their criminal politics.

When the USSR collapsed, North Korea lost their communist financiers which led to the 1990 famine and a million deaths.

In January, a North Korean defector Kim Hyeong-soo said the workers who make the meth also help themselves to it. There’s no easily accessible medication in North Korea so the people have used the meth as pain killers instead.

Hyeong-soo – who once worked on the state’s top secret Longevity Institute said: “They are very accessible even to the general public.

“The North Korean government initiated the illegal drugs, but now it’s expanded to the general market.”

In 2016, construction workers were being fed meth to speed up the building of a skyscraper.

Defectors who have reached South Korea estimate up to 80 percent of residents in some towns have used the drug. In 2013, a study by North Korea Review estimated over 40 percent of meth users in the DPRK are addicted, the Daily Beast reported.

Therefore, we have drugged-out meth-heads playing with ICBMs and the crazy tubby tyrant who runs the country is said to be a drunk.

Here is another tyrant who was hooked on drugs [they say a lot of the leaders were as well]:


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