North Dakota is Booming – Want to Know Why?



Growing up in Brooklyn, I noticed early on that in many “inner city” families one member always stood out. In our case, it was my Uncle Dave. Many in my family were very bright and many found a way to get a good education. Many moved to a “better” neighborhood. But the key to my Uncle’s success was that he searched for a high-paying, satisfying JOB.

I was going to do the same.

The solution today can be found in Williston, North Dakota. Am I nuts? (my liberal friend Steve thinks I really am!). Who would ever want to live in Williston? I don’t even know where North Dakota is! But, if I were 50 years younger, I would certainly consider moving there.

This town is producing more oil than ANY other site in the entire country! More than in Alaska and more than in Texas!

They have decided to “drill, baby DRILL!”

The Hell with the weather – who cares about its location. Doesn’t matter about its “sophistication!” People are flocking to North Dakota for its high paying jobs.

All this is because of hydraulic fracking – a process which pumps out oil and gas easily and efficiently. This is the same process which the environmentalists just hate but have not been able to completely stop with their insane propaganda.

Now in North Dakota –

  1. Thousands of new homes are actually being built
  2. In 2011, North Dakota (you heard me !) LEAD the nation in job and income growth!
  3. It has the country’s LOWEST UNEMPLOYMENT RATE (3.3%!). WOW!
  4. This year it had a huge increase (38.5%) in millionaires.

California, that green, politically correct state on the other hand has recently LOST 50,000 or 1/3 of its high income residents! (keep taxing them, Gov. Brown!)

North Dakota has a budget reserve of one billion dollars!

It has REDUCED state income taxes.

It is actually building all those roads, schools, highways with their “shovel ready” jobs. (Hello, Mr. President!)

As perhaps the greatest indicator of prosperity, McDonalds is paying its workers $18 dollars per hour with a signing bonus.

You heard me right!

In November, the choice will be very apparent! Very clear! And very obvious!

240 days to go!


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