Norway, Land of Welfare and Migration



Norway is a welfare state that has welcomed expansive migration and they have replaced Christianity with the religion of multiculturalism. The US is planning to do much the same. The ideology doesn’t have a lot of common sense behind it. It guarantees the rights of a small percentage of people or foreigners and sacrifices the rights and safety of the majority.

There has been a sharp increase in the numbers of unemployed Europeans who are applying for welfare benefits in Norway. In the EU, welfare recipients can often pick they country they want their welfare benefits from because of various loopholes.

Between 1995 and 2011, Norway’s immigrant population tripled so that 600,000 of the country’s 5 million citizens were immigrants or descendants of immigrants and half of them are from Muslim countries.

Since 2011, Norway has taken steps to reform certain aspects of its immigration laws, but the reforms were not specifically directed at Muslim immigrants.According to Reuters, Oslo is the “fastest growing city in Europe because of increased immigration”.

In recent years, immigration has accounted for most of Norway’s population growth.

They instituted tough new asylum rules in December, 2015 due to increasing problems caused by immigrants. About 70,000 have been deported.

According to a 2015 report from The New York Times, asylum centers in Norway have been mandated since 2013 to offer the courses to participants — largely young men from African and Arab nations — in order to teach them to “at least know the difference between right and wrong” when it comes to interacting with women. They are being taught to not rape.

Muslim migrants in Norway have taken over the nation’s streets, according to a report from vidmax. Whites have become targets as the police force finds it harder and harder to fight back against the scourge of violent immigrants in the country.

video via vidMax

The US is also becoming a land of welfare and migration.

In the US, illegal immigrant-headed households’ use of welfare is high at 62 percent, higher than the 30 percent for households headed by native-born Americans. Thus, a much larger share of illegal immigrant-headed households use one or more welfare programs than households headed by natives. An estimated 49 percent of households headed by legal immigrants used one or more welfare programs in 2012. This is according to The Center for Immigration Studies who comprise all statistics from government reports.

Norway News in English reported in 2014 that almost one in three social welfare recipients in Norway are immigrants, and the proportion is increasing. Figures from Statistics Norway (Statistisk sentralbyrå, SSB) showed between 2002 and 2010, the amount of immigrants among welfare recipients rose from 23 percent to 30 percent. The share of immigrant single mothers on welfare rose from 29 to 52 percent.

The US does not have accurate numbers on immigration because of illegal immigration and the secretive refugee program.



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