Norway Steals Christian Children for a Shocking Reason



This is your lovely Europe for you – the Europe Obama admires so much and wants to emulate. Europe may seem idyllic in some ways but it’s not free.

Norway is not free and people are not free to worship as they please. Christians around the world are planning peaceful protests calling for the release of five children seized from one family by their child welfare services in Barnevernet because the parents were subjecting them to “Christian radicalization and indoctrination” and for spanking their children.

Last month the children were taken from Marius and Ruth Bodnariu for teaching things like, God punishes sin and for spanking their children.

It’s a criminal offense to spank your child in Norway. The parents argue that the measure of taking their children away is far too severe in respect to the mild spanking they have applied to their own children.

The current law in Norway is that any violence against children, including careful slaps, is prohibited.

There are allegations by the girls that the father would sometimes hold them by their ears and pull them. My dear, late father-in-law used to do that when he babysat my children. He’d take them by their ears and walk them to the pretend ice house or wood shed which was actually a chair in the corner of the room until they agreed to behave. They loved and respected him.

Christian Post reported that court papers did not identify signs of physical abuse.

If there is no other story here, there is a story about a government making spanking illegal. The UN wants to make spending illegal in the United States. It allows the state to take children away.

The brother of Marius, Daniel Bodnariu, said that the girls told Barnevernet workers that their father shook the baby “as a rag,” a statement Marius vigorously denies.

“What I would like to highlight is that you can easily manipulate a child to say something that is not true,” Bodnariu pointed out. “The law in Norway gives almost total credibility to the child and none to the parent.”

Having worked with children for decades, I can tell you that is very true.

There is no due process here.

pentecostal couple

There are several Facebook pages set up on their behalf. Another Facebook page can be found on this link.There is also a petition in support of the family. You can look at it and decide for yourself.

return the children

Over 44,200 people have already signed the petition calling for the reunion of the Bodnariu family. The petition states that the five children were “abusively taken away by the Norwegian government.”


“They are just a normal Christian family trying to raise their children in the knowledge of God! There is no documented or otherwise abuse of any kind in this family!” the online petition stated.

The family are Pentecostal Christians and the father is from Bucharest, the mother is Norweigan. This particular region of Barnevernet has a bad reputation for abusing immigrants and taking their children.

The children were seized when the principal of their middle school expressed concerns about the way they were being brought up to believe God punishes sin. On November 16th, the two daughters were seized at school without the parents knowledge and the boys were taken from the home that afternoon. The parents went to the police station with the baby to see what they could do and the social service department came the next day for the baby. All five have been taken away and put in three separate foster homes.

Watch the seizure of the baby, it’s horrible.

The parents have extremely limited visitation rights and can only see their infant son twice a week. The mother can visit the two oldest sons once per week and neither parent can visit their daughters.

The Norweigan child service agency won’t return the children and have put them up for adoption. They won’t even keep them together.

According to an article in Christian Today in May of this year, about 3,000 children from immigrant families have been placed in Norweigan state custody, 40% of the children in their care.

A 2012 seizure of two children from an Indian couple, Anurup and Sagorika Bhattacharya caused an uproar in the Indian government. There is no information on seizures of any Muslim children.

This seizure involved no background checks or interviews. Court records which included extensive X-Rays showed no signs of physical abuse.

Facebook users from other countries, such as Spain and Ireland, have also expressed support to the Bodnariu family. Some supporters have even scheduled peaceful protests to pressure the Norwegian government to free the seized children.

Christians from other major nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Belgium and the Netherlands are also reportedly planning to join the peaceful protests.

“We pray that God blesses our efforts!” the Facebook post stated. “As the walls of Jericho were destroyed, we believe that God can destroy the strong walls behind which abuses are made in the name of a law; law that should protect children and not destroy families.”

This article was updated with the information about the baby allegedly being shaken by the father.


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JOHN Smith
JOHN Smith
6 years ago


6 years ago

Norway also has a national religion, Lutheranism, which is based on Biblical teachings. What happened there?