Not a Joke! Hillary sits behind the Resolute Desk reading her emails


Hillary Clinton read her own emails for an hour at an art exhibition in Venice where — allegedly — all 60,000 pages are on display. “They are just so boring,” she reportedly said during the visit.

Apparently, it’s okay to break the law if the emails are “just so boring.”

Clinton allegedly read some of her missing emails sitting behind the fake Resolute Desk at a Goldsmith art exhibit. I thought this was from the Babylon Bee when I first saw it.

She was Goldsmith’s art exhibit, her and her emails. She mocked her own corrupt handling of our national security.

Thank God she’s not President. Like Stacey Abrams who thinks she’s a Georgia Governor, Hillary thinks she’s President. Like the rest of the Democrats who haven’t accepted the results of the election, Hillary Clinton seems to think she is the rightful president.

Hillary illegally disposed of tens of thousands of emails to keep their contents from the public eye and it’s really very inappropriate for her and her friends to tweet this ‘joke’ around.

This is the woman who’s incompetent handling of Benghazi cost the lives of four men and then she lied about it, over and over.

Bill Clinton’s fond of desks also. He had sex with Monica Lewinsky on top of the Oval Office desk, a Secret Service agent has asserted.

Kenneth Goldsmith was impressed and sent the photo of his display around.

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4 years ago

Was the bitch wearing a big tent like she was last week, as shown on Daily Mail? This low life is so confident that nothing will happen to her. And she is right. The bodies are piled up. We know all about it;)

4 years ago

So, it’s official? She’s losing her mind? Or is it lost?