‘Not F–ing Around Coalition’ will burn Louisville down in 4 weeks if demands are not met

The “Not F-cking Around Coalition,” marched through downtown Louisville. At least two of these ‘highly trained’ militia were shot in the staging area. One of the NFACers shot himself and another in a misfire.

“One person of the #NFAC militia group accidentally discharged his weapon injuring himself and one other individual. Both individuals have been taken away by EMS. One shot in the leg and one shot in the hand,” Disclose.tv reported on Twitter.

When you have lawlessness, as we currently have in the blue cities, this is what you get. All the lunatics fill the void.


The grandmaster Jay gave a speech promising to burn down the city in four weeks if the officers who shot Breanna Taylor aren’t arrested. The feds might have something to say about that.

It’s amazing how many people think they have the right to demand arrests.

They apparently shoot to kill but Grandmaster Jay, leader of the NFACers, didn’t mention they shoot themselves as well.

He has foreigners in his lovely organization apparently.


He is going to teach people how to police themselves. He’s a genius this one. As we wrote earlier, he’s joined up with a white supremacist group called the Bugaloo Boys. If you’ll notice the NFAC are Black and white supremacists don’t like Black people.

Perhaps they should change their name to the Louisville Loons.




    • I cannot picture Kentuckians letting them get away with this. However Louisville and Lexington are in the possession of Bloomberg and Soros bought Politicians. Nothing from the Democrats Mayor asking the Governor to deploy armed National Guard against these wanta be Communist warriors, who don’t even know how to handle their guns, which they are carrying around locked and loaded. How many are there: ,1000+ – as advertised in Stone Mountain, Ga, where the Mayor and Governor did squat and the Democrat Law Enforcement Chiefs didn’t either! Four weeks they are gong to burn Louisville down? No doubt the Democrat Mayor will play the Portland and Seattle cards. The Insurrection Act should have been implemented long ago. Who is stopping President Trump? Who is buying the weapons for thees unemployed Terrorists..and paying for fuel and vehicles and food and motels: George Soros, who just gave $250,000.000.00 To BLM et al and Michael Bloomberg Big Tech billionaires and.Hollywood and China?
      Who is financing the Insurrection? Why s George Soros not behind bars or swinging from the gallows?

      • agree completely that guy should have been arrested for treason a long time ago as well as all these Democrat leaders who bash our President and refuse to put a stop to the nonsense in their districts

  1. Well, I think that a single 30 second blast from a 6,000 round per minute gatlin should clear this problem up rather quickly and handily. And the sooner the better.

  2. Don’t these men embody the very definition of both an invading army and a band of terrorists? The US is operating under a state of emergency. It appears to be time to round these men up and dispose of them militarily. The good people of Louisville shouldn’t have to deal with this kind of insurrection alone.

  3. No problem with citizens carry weapons. Threatening to burn down a city is a felony and they should be arrested for that. They look like the typical government of most black led nations.

  4. No problem with citizens carrying weapons. Threatening to kill people and burn down city is a felony. They should have been arrested and tried for terroristic threats. They look like the typical government of most black rules nations.

  5. Isn’t this an example of making a “terroristic threat?” Aren’t there Federal laws prohibiting this kind of violent extortion?

    • They do. All you have to do is threaten and they can arrest. You don’t even need to have a gun on you. Someone stated I said I would go to work and shoot the place up on my day off. Next day I come to work and am arrested by a swat team and no gun or anything proving that that was said. So yeah it can happen why isn’t it? This against a company I reported the CFPB months earlier. Funny how that record went away from the CFPB and then I was arrested for a bogus charge.

  6. I see a milita making threats, promising to do harm, intimidating citizens, and looking to cause harm.
    Isn’t that the text book definition of a terrorist group ??

  7. Good. I hope these America-hating lunatics raze Louisville to the gound…they’ll destroy it slowly, now, anyway, and perhaps their action will FINALLY force our nation’s police forces to do their jobs and end this radical Leftist domestic terrorism that’s sweeping the nation all but unchallenged.


  9. Govt needs to investigate who’s working for the Dems in funding and planning these riots. The deep state agencies hate trump so much they’re letting terrorists destroy the country. 100 federal agents is a joke.

  10. Racist morons like the NFAC are helping Trump get elected. They are too stupid to realize this of which I am grateful.

  11. They may have had military training, but they clearly lack discipline. One of them shoots himself in the foot along with two other??? They are going to have to do better than that if they hope to qualify as a “militia”.

    That being said, they are enemy combatants and should be treated as such.

  12. Said months ago you need at least a million Military-grade Stun Grenades and hundreds of thousands of shackles, and then chute them up, and put them on transport planes and drop them ion Haiti.

    • Folks…..just who may be the fuse behind America’s Troubles ? Many of you are forgetting one group….the ELECTED scoundrels !

      There has been little, if any support for President Trump from his own Republican Party’s career politicians. What can be expressed about the Democrat/CPUSA Party that those insurrectionists have not already said ? The Democrats/CPUSA have become the party of insurrection, sedition and outright treason !

      While Soros and Bloomberg both deserve the gallows for their insurrection the blame for the termination of this once great nation we were born in rests upon every politician, from dogcatcher up to and thru every level of government from local to federal.

      Ultimately, the loss of the FUSA rests squarely on the shoulders of the citizenry. The FUSA citizens have killed this nation by political suicide ! We, us, you, they, I have allowed lawyers, judges, career politicians to KILL the United States of America’s Constitution and those of the 50 states. Government employees have long ago ceased being “public servants”. They are simply self-serving.

      As Command Sergeant Major Basil Plumley said during the Battle of Ia Drang in Vietnam:

      “Gentlemen, prepare to defend yourselves !”

  13. Those of you calling the unhappy NFAC’ers “militia” are cutting your own throats. “Militia” is defined in the Constitution of the United States of America. Those Americans as defined are both citizen and Patriot. Militia are honorable. Insurrectionists are not.

    The NFAC’ers are NOT Militia. They are INSURRECTIONISTS ! And those of you naming them as “militia” are simply fools repeating the lies of domestic enemies both politicians and the media !


  14. Each one should be checked to see if they are felons, or have warrants and if so, they are illegally in position of and brandishing a weapon.Lock them up.

  15. This is a declaration of war against America!! If you do not shoot these anarchists dead in the street, you deserve to have your city burnt to the ground!! Vietnam Vet/Military Retiree

  16. What a bunch of fucking dumbasses‍♂️ I was watching the live stream when all of a sudden you hear a gun go off..I was like holy shit someone’s firing on them…they all scrambled and looked like they were trying to set up some kind of half ass perimeter which was weak mite I add…only to find out one of their so called highly skilled,highly trained marksmen accidentally fired his weapon shooting their own group what a bunch of fucking idiots hey buddy for ppl so skilled do they not know theres a safety on that weapon that wont let it fire untill it’s taken off safety oooooooo I’m down laughing what a show of lack of knowledge and discipline from ones who claim to be ex military and skilled..then it happened on a live stream who knows how many ppl saw this and they want ppl to take them serious common man lmfao just a bunch of racist ppl formed a group going around trying to terrorize other ppl but I can promiss you this they arent scaring many at all if we sit back they’ll just accidentally shoot one another and take their own selves out…and as anti police as they are guess who they ran to in the video after they shot themselves yep you got it first responders and police the same ppl they hate and are against..get the fk out of here man the great law abiding citizens of these states that their trying to terrorize are eventually going to have enough and take matters into their own hands…God knows that’s not what we need or want but these bunch of bullies are getting out of hand..

  17. Just to clear the air the “Boogaloo Bois” aren’t a white supremacist group. They’re comprised of every race and culture. Educate yourselves please…

  18. Guess I won’t be making a trip to Nashville……the locals losing all the tourists dollars in these hard times….

  19. This Black Militia Group put on a great show of force when they were at Stone Mountain, GA, sometimes taking sniper positions and aiming at likely targets. Some of the men told white people they should give them whatever money they had toward reparations. Many of those cheering them on appeared to be family and friends.

    Apparently they now refer to themselves as NFAC (Not F**king Around Coalition). Should this group ever go as crazy as many of them look, and act, it could become an American Tragedy. I find that very frightening.

  20. This is the A hole group marches around with machine guns with GIANT capacity Drum Ammo attachments
    That stop white ppl in cars to intimidate them

    While you are HARD PRESSED to find these elusive “white supremacy” groups
    Terrorist otanizationsmhave become PLENTIFUL

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