Not One, But Four Deputies Didn’t Enter Stoneman High During the Rampage


Coral Springs police were stunned and upset that the four original Broward County Sheriff’s deputies who were first on the scene did not appear to join them as they entered the school, Coral Springs sources tell CNN.

They NEVER went into the school.

They aren’t the only ones who are stunned and upset. This is a case calling out for lawsuits.

It wasn’t only one deputy, Scott Peterson, who didn’t enter the building, it was four of them.

Tapes are still being reviewed and details could change a CNN source said.

What is amazing to many of us is that it took a week for them to tell the truth about the one deputy not going in. He arrived at the scene one minute after the shooting started and remained outside for four minutes as the madman raced through the school, killing innocent people.

All the public was told officially was there were 45 acres to patrol. The Sheriff has to have known the truth the entire time. Witnesses reported it immediately.

The four officers were behind cars with their guns drawn and stayed in place.

Meanwhile, CNN is very upset that Dana Loesch called the insane monster who killed 17 people an “insane monster”. It’s not PC. They have screwed up priorities. CNN is the very definition of insane.

How is this Donald Trump’s fault? How is this anyone’s fault but the killer’s? There is also blame to go around for the neglect by the police and all the agencies that fell down on the job?

Please read about the potential corruption at Stoneman Douglas High School on this link.


  1. These people and students were sadly let down by government entities not the NRA, I could say more, but what would be the use. My heart and prayers go out to all those affected by this terrible tragedy.

  2. This is what happens in deep blue, democrat run America. Coward cops, coward shooters who attack unarmed targets, and politicians doing their best to take advantage of the crisis before the next big news article takes this one off the front pages.

  3. A Friday document dump to hide the deadly screw ups of “the powers that be” is just another example of how a politicized sheriff’s department is trying desperately to hide their deadly mistakes.

    • Maybe there were no mistakes. From the moment they were alerted a shooting was going on they knew who was doing it. They had received explicit warnings about it, including the deputy at the school. The 3 that arrived soon after it began also probably knew who the suspect was. Since they knew ahead of time that this person may do this shooting they may have also planned to not act. I doubt that police who had been warned about this guy for a long time had not made some plan how to not handle it.

  4. Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has some answering to do, he claimed the school guard’s response to the shooting made him sick, what about his own deputies? CNN why aren’t you questioning Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel ????? the parents ought to be lining up for a massive lawsuit!!!!!

    • My understanding is that the “guard” was one of his deputies and he put him on unpaid leave. The deputy, Peterson then resigned. So he was condemning his own deputy.

      • The sheriff made that guy the scapegoat, while the sheriff had 3 others also not protecting the students. The sheriff won’t be asked the key questions and the videos won’t be made available. So the sheriff will never have to admit that yes I ordered them to not act. The police outside were in a position to defend themselves and no one else.

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