Not Satire! NFL Doesn’t Use the Word ‘Owner’ Since It Might Offend


No one can own an NFL team, seriously, no one. You can govern one. The owners are now called ‘governors’ even though they own the team. The left loves to steal words like gay, pride, owner, boy, and ban words and phrases like an illegal alien, illegal immigrant, melting pot, and make them into something evil. It’s like burning books — same principle. They also like to create prejudices with terms like “white privilege” and “toxic masculinity,” but that is for another article.

Changing the one word — owner — isn’t the end of the world, but start adding it all up.

Does that mean Governor Cuomo owns us here in NY? Does that mean you don’t own a car, you govern it?

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver was asked by TMZ about teams no longer using the term “owner” and Silver said that he was “sensitive” to the word that may have racial components in the eyes of some.

“I don’t want to overreact to the term because, as I said earlier, people end up twisting themselves into knots avoiding the use of the word owner,” he added. “But, we moved away from that term years ago in the league.”

“We call our team owners ‘governor of the team’ and ‘alternate governor,’” Silver said. “I think it makes sense.”

Dallas Mavericks team owner Mark Cuban finally said something I agree with and it’s logical.

“For him to try to turn it into something it’s not is wrong,” Cuban told the liberal sports network ESPN. “He owes the NBA an apology. I think he does because to try to create some connotation that owning equity in a company that you busted your *ss for is the equivalent of ownership in terms of people, that’s just wrong.”

The word “owner” originated in the 14th century and it means one who owns. An owner of a team doesn’t own the people, he owns the team they play for. There is nothing wrong with the word and giving in to this shuts down free speech and sends a very wrong message.

Silver said, “But, of course, Draymond Green has been very public about the fact that we should be moving away from the term … and I completely respect that.”

I don’t, the million dollar baby is a jerk. We need to have words that aptly describe what we are talking about.

The Supreme Court ruled today that the word ‘FUCT’ can be trademarked. The left has suddenly found their well-hidden moral code an said it’s immoral.  No, it is free speech, disgusting or not.

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