Nothing to See Here at the Metlife Stadium Riot, Move On


h/t Martha

Welcome to New Jersey! Check out the lovely New Jerseyites in the video.

The Associated Pravda had a small article about the “melee” (a better word would have been riot) outside the Metlife Stadium in New Jersey as some were denied entry to the annual Hip-Hop festival.

One DJ said he didn’t want the “melee” to overshadow the event. Perish the thought!

Fans claiming to have tickets were upset that they couldn’t get in.

One apologist, Nimi Hendrix, a documentary filmmaker from Newark, said he was frustrated waiting to get in. “They have to realize that a lot of money was spent to get into this concert. It’s more than just music. It’s a cultural thing. It’s the biggest hip-hop event in the area.”

Well, that warrants throwing bottles and trash at police and guards, jumping over fences, and rushing the gates. Officials had to call additional troopers to handle the dangerous rioters. More than 61 were arrested.

The AP posted a small story on this riot, calling it a melee (nice, French word), and Newsday had it on page A30. The media minimized it as much as possible, there was no praise for the police, and the guilty parties think they are victims of racism. It’s not their fault!



Now check out the dangerous behavior and the man justifying it. He said his people are being treated like animals! I wonder why.


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