Nothing to See Here! Ayatollah K Plans Removal and “Eradication” of Israel


Nothing to see here! The Ayatollah plans to destroy Israel. Ayatollah Khamanei is ramping up his nuclear enrichment because the deal did nothing to limit their nuclear power except in a very temporary way. The Ayatollah called Israel “a malignant cancerous tumor” that has to be “removed and eradicated”.

Why isn’t the media reporting this?

Let us not forget Ben Rhodes “misled” journalists to sell a truly terrible Iran nuke deal. He admitted it. In fact he relied on liberal reporters to parrot the Obama Administration.

Rhodes also lied and said they were negotiating with the moderates in Iran when the deal was actually struck with the extreme Ayatollah. Rhodes mocked the biased press and they ate it up. Now they’re back for more. MSNBC and NBC have proudly announce they are hiring Rhodes as a political contributor.

This world is truly insane.

Let’s not forget that the Ayatollah wants us all disarmed and CNN thinks Trump is just like him.

Let’s not forget CNN hack Christiane Amanpour thinks Trump is like the Ayatollah.

Our media is a disaster.

At least the Israelis are keeping their sense of humor with their Iranian troll.

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