November 12th Is Boycott the NFL Day to Honor Our Veterans


Tomorrow is Veteran’s Day as far as the NFL is concerned. A growing Facebook group of over 230,000 people, including veterans, are boycotting the NFL tomorrow. There are two other boycott NFL groups on Facebook totaling another 10,000 members.

The NFL wants people to believe that showing disrespect for the flag and our country is actually a protest against police brutality though some admit it’s against “oppressive America”. Attacking all police for a few bad apples is bogus in any case — it’s a tactic to take down our system.

The players and executives in the NFL offices want to keep doing it but they want you to stop believing your lying eyes and watch them play.

The NFL ratings continue to slide. There are a number of issues as to why that is happening, including the fact that they have over-saturated Americans with football. There is too much football, but the kneeling is something they didn’t need to add to the mix.

Showing Americans how much they hate the country isn’t endearing them to most of us. They are at the same time trying to convince us that showing disrespect for our nation, even in London, isn’t showing disrespect. It adds insult to injury.

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