November 8th: Last Chance to Stop the New World Order


Lou Dobbs recently warned Americans about “just what is at stake in this election” – a new world order run by leftists.

“In my opinion,” he said, “we’re just one election away from putting the left in charge of our government and our way of life for the next three or four decades at a bare minimum.”

“The left already controls influence in Washington, DC, the mainstream media, public sector unions, our universities, colleges, both administration and faculty and much of Wall Street and much of corporate America, particularly US multinationals.”

If they do prevail, he said, there will be “no resistance, no countervailing influence remaining in our country to a left that would be utterly unfettered and uninhibited.”

He referred to the “pathetic example” of FBI Director James Comey who defended the agency’s finding in the Clinton email investigation, “if you can call it an investigation. Comey appeared to acquiesce to every order received from the administration and the Clinton cartel on the email scandal.” He said, “No one should be surprised at the greed, the guilt and grievances of the leftist agenda.”

His conclusion: “This election is the last time to stop the neo-liberals of the new world order, the globalists. And the last time we’ll have to stop permanent state control of this nation’s media, economy, education and our way of life.”

As John Kerry said, get used to a “borderless world”, and as Hillary said, “Americans will have to change their religious convictions and cultural codes” so the administration can pass laws counter to them and in line with their views. “Convictions and belief systems of citizens” should not stand in her way, she believes. She’s “not interested in changing hearts”, she said on another occasion, but “in changing laws and controlling the allocation of resources.”

Expect that to be the rule in our new world order. We need more people to speak as honestly.



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