Now It’s Trump’s Fault Dems Are the Party of Anti-Semitism?


An article at The Hill, titled, Trump stokes Dems’ anti-Semitism spat ahead of 2020, blames Trump for Democrats becoming the party of anti-semitism as they whitewash the nasty Omar anti-Semitic trope dispute to a “spat”. It’s now Trump’s fault they put a target on their backs and recoiled when Jews and Israel needed them most.

Democrats just weren’t there in a substantive way.

It is an absolutely twisted article that claims Trump makes comments with “anti-Semitic themes”, with no real proof of course. They say he is drumming up false fears.

His evidence is a tweet sent out by his campaign from his Twitter feed:

In 2016, Trump tweeted an image of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton with the phrase “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever” inside a Star of David on top of piles of cash. He also inflamed tensions in 2015, when he told a group of Jewish Republican donors they would not support him because he would not accept their contributions.

That has been debunked and the President had no idea that was the Star of David. Even left-wing Politifact wrote: Based on the evidence available, it seems unlikely that the Trump campaign intended to put out a Star of David image. In fact, the campaign moved to replace the star with a circle when the image gained attention.

This is the image:


They are angry the President is commenting on it, and the author claims the historical ties between Jews and the Democratic Party are basically unbreakable.

That may be true, but it was before the New Democrats launched their anti-Semitic tirades and BDS movements with the approval of the Democrat elders. While some condemned the blatant anti-semitism of Ilhan Omar, most did not. And when it came down to putting it in writing, they watered it down so much that even Ilhan voted for it.

Democrats say nothing when they back the BDS movements, terror groups, and lie like Tlaib. Rep. Tlaib and her BFFs who made Ilhan’s anti-Semitic tropes a matter of Islamophobia. What an obvious fraud. She thinks we’re stupid.

The article goes on to call the President, who has a Jewish family, an anti-Semite. His support of Israel and Jews has been unflinching. One of the reasons he sticks with Saudi Arabia is because they support Israel and maintain a buffer between them and Israel.

The President acknowledged that the capital of Israel is Jerusalem when no one else would. Democrats fought against that and criticized him afterward when some rioting Hamas and Iranian militants were killed at the border.

Seven out of ten Jews back Democrats, mainly because they are liberal and fear Republicans. Can that change? Who knows. I think so because many have conservative lifestyles. Whether it does or not is unimportant. The radicals who hate them will soon outnumber them and someone has to be there for them. It will be the Republicans, like us or not.


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