Now Liberals/Leftists Want This Celebrity as President


The left wants a black female celebrity as the next President in 2020 and her long-term partner says she would do it!

Their new favored candidate gave a speech last night and her alleged stellar moment was on the issue of #MeToo. She gave a powerful speech, they say, a presidential speech — everyone says it, so it must be so.

That apparently was her goal – to sound presidential.

Mind you, Oprah Winfrey hasn’t spoken out about abused women or the casting couch before.

Two of her close friends said she is “actively thinking” about shooting for the presidency, according to CNN Money.

Oprah is a Marxist like Obama or worse and some of her comments have clearly shown her inclination towards focusing on identity politics, preferential treatment for minorities, and victimhood of certain classes in society.

Her speech was a big hit with her phony celebrity friends who are pushing the #MeToo mantra to get a woman president into office.

“President Winfrey” was the talk of the entertainment world after Winfrey accepted the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes. And the “Oprah for president?” possibility was a top story on morning TV.

The touchstone of her speech was the #MeToo movement, the media said, and her hopeful message — “A new day is on the horizon” — could have doubled as a campaign rallying cry, they say.

Her big story of the night was of a young black woman who was raped by six white men decades ago. It was the era of Jim Crow, she said, and even though Rosa Parks investigated, the victim never found justice. [Oprah didn’t mention that the men were Democrats and Jim Crow was a Democrat movement.]

The liberals all heard her speech as a presidential speech.

Oprah gave a shout out to the wonderful press and complained of tyrants who are undoubtedly Republicans even though the Hollywood abusers are Democrats.

We like Rosa Parks too but Oprah pushed the Rosa Parks story as truth when it was staged. We all now know it was. Parks was being followed by cameras held by sympathizers when she refused to go to the back of the bus.

The real story was that of a friend of her family Claudette Colvin, but there were no cameras at the time and the young woman was pregnant.

The real hero was Claudette, not Rosa, who kept up the facade for her entire life.

Oprah was focused on identity politics, women victims and minority victims. If she wins, that’s what we will hear daily.

Where has she been while Hollywood abusers and pedophiles were roaming as the “gods” of Hollywood? The pedophiles are still loose and Hollywood turned a deaf ear to Corey Feldman’s stories of abuse that led his friend to drugs and suicide.

This concern for abused women is all so convenient.

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