Now NFL Players Are Openly Showing Their Contempt for Our Country


Now we have an NFL player showing even more obnoxious, immature behavior. The Bill’s LeSean McCoy made an utter fool of himself as he gave the big high sign to our flag, our military and our country Sunday.

The country he hates makes his pampered lifestyle possible.

The idiot called Trump an @-hole while making a complete @#$@ of himself. Roger Goodell must be proud.

This hatred spewed by these players is racism against whites in the end. That is what the entire white supremacy hate is about.

As bad as this is, nothing could be as bad as what the NFL did in the UK today. They knelt for the US national anthem and stood respectfully for British national anthem.

That is a disgrace.


  1. No more NFL or NBA for this family the rest of the year and beyond. They hate me and I do not respect them. They all can go straight to hell. Period!

  2. It’s good it’s all happening, that it’s all becoming so clear, who is who, who stands for what, who is against what. Shocking in many ways. But we may as well see how people really stand, so we can make our choices accordingly. I’d long ago quit watching the NFL; just a waste of time. Same with the NBA; can’t stand the thugs and salaries that are ludicrous, not to mention declining quality of play. MLB, apparently, has begun the same. A shame that sports are being ruined by athletes who can’t just be grateful and play ball. But it saves a lot of time …. lol …

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