Now There Are Three Hoggs

Rebecca Boldrick

Grassroots activist, 17-year old David Hogg, the son of a retired FBI agent/part-time teacher and Rebecca Boldrick, a teacher at Stoneman, is organizing anti-gun rallies throughout the nation. In a matter of weeks, his Twitter page has become professional and followers have quadrupled in size. His public speaking has vastly improved – remarkably so. The left wants us to believe it’s organic.

Thanks to Mom Hogg

Mrs. Hogg aka Rebecca Boldrick appears to be connected at CNN. She is also way to the left on all issues judging from her Facebook page. Oh, and she hates Trump.

A photo of her two children, David and Lauren, on her Facebook page show them at CNN.

They seem like a nice family if you take out the fact that they have Trump Derangement Syndrome. Mrs. Boldrick is sadly and dramatically afflicted.

“I can’t sit by and do nothing with what is going on currently in the USA,” Boldrick wrote on Facebook. “If you like what Trump is currently doing please unfriendly [sic] or block me because you won’t like what I am going to begin posting.”

Her son and daughter are clones and useful students. Despite what the left would have us believe, their responses do not appear very natural and organic.

Second Hogg

The daughter, 15-year old Lauren, has joined the “organic” fight. She let loose with an irrational attack on Melania who is trying to address the issue of cyberbullying.

The latest from David Hogg is his attack on Governor Rick Scott who definitely had nothing to do with the horrors in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High. These people have stuck up for the FBI and the sheriffs who definitely had something to do with the horror at Stoneman.

Rehearsing the Little Hogg

Listen to David Hogg being rehearsed. All the videos have been expunged except for Lucian Wintrich’s and mine.

All the Hoggs Fighting to Destroy Jobs

Hoggs Are Fair Game


  1. Given Mama Hogg’s love for the largest abortion provider in the US, we now know unborn or even partially born kids mean absolutely zero. Senseless, soulless leftist.

  2. I received a reply from Best Western regarding my opinion related to the NRA but am “Prohibited” from distributing the contents. I, therefore replied asking for “Authorization to publicly disclose their position pursuant to the contents of their reply to mine. We’ll see if I’m given authorization.

  3. What we are witnessing is a mob mentality and the result could be devastating for the small percentage of that county who are Conservative types. Wintrich had one of the Conservative students on periscope and has some concerns about a backlash. If ANYTHING happens to these individuals will there be an outcry.

  4. Is David trying to play “Boss” Hogg. It’s a real disappointment to see such a poor command of the English language by the one post. What Has Happened In Our Schools where this should exist.

    We can say it is an axiom that people, especially children, have ideas that are dependent upon their environment. With that being said, those students are adamant about not “allowing” teachers to have their own weapons. Well, what does it say about Those teachers in that community whereby students don’t trust Their Own teachers. It says MORE about the liberal community they are Part of. It must be that they see NO responsible adults in their environment. With the VAST amount of stories of idiocy in classrooms around the country this Broward country may just be a microcosm, and deep down the students are “aware”.

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