Now Virginia’s Looking for Tree Crimes on Trump’s Golf Course


The Washington Post has another big bombshell story as they dig deep for wrongs tied to Donald Trump. As usual, they haven’t turned up much.

Local officials in Virginia are checking whether county ordinances have been violated after trees and shrubs, reportedly from the Trump National Golf Course, were found in the Potomac River, The Washington Post reported Friday.

The trees were discovered last week by Steven McKone, director of the Calleva River School, according to Post, and now Loudoun County is working to determine whether floodplain laws were violated, the newspaper reported, citing an official.

The Post reported that the Potomac Riverkeeper Network went on a jetboat to the Trump property and saw about a dozen stumps, as well as trunks lying along the shoreline.

“It was very fresh, the sawdust wasn’t even wet yet,” Mckone said. “Normally when people remove trees, they take the trees out, but these were dumped right in the river.”

The author said it was “dangerous.” Hyperbolic?

Sound fishy to you?

It would be interesting if we found out someone did it to frame the golf course. One thing is certain, Trump didn’t know anything about it.

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