Now We Know – Obamacare Puts an End to the 4th Amendment



Obama, the Dark Lord

Under Obamacare, We will have no control over our private health information or our health. Not only will our data be mishandled by the government – count on it – we will be under constant threat of blackmail by government workers at any given time.  The only thing HHS didn’t have access to was our social and behavioral information, but now they want that too. They have begun an experimental program to include social and behavioral data of some 100 million Americans in public records.

Once you gave up your rights to your health, you gave up your privacy as well.

Mn Sure, an Obamacare exchange in Minnesota, accidentally sent out 2400 social security numbers with detailed identifying data to an agent who was helping them handle enrollments. The data was sent without encryption, according to the Weekly Standard.

This should give you an idea of how our private information is going to be handled by the government.

The Obamacare Hub is “the largest consolidation of personal data in the history of the republic.” (USA Today) We will hardly be able to call it much of a republic when the government is done with us.

The Hub works like this:

Your personal data is given to the exchange.

It then goes into the hub.

From there it goes to the State’s website portal which sends entered data to the Federal Data Services Hub and other state data sources (Medicaid, Revenue, Health, etc.) and requests data from state data sources and the Hub.

The information is then checked by the DOJ for your criminal history should you have one; the Social Security Administration to verify your birth, existence, number; the DHS for citizenship; HHS to check eligibility and analyze health data, and the IRS to determine income; employment and premium subsidies.

From there the application is approved or not.

The IRS will automatically pay premiums to the exchange. Overpayments will be taken from peoples’ accounts by the IRS in a process called ‘clawback.’

Check  the diagram from Freedomworks on how this will all work.

It makes the NSA spying look small time.

The latests news from the free beacon should be even more alarming.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) wants health care providers to include social and behavioral data in the Electronic Health Records (EHR) and link it to patient’s records in public health departments. It affects more than 100 million people. It’s only experimental and it’s only the beginning for now.

Not only does this eliminate the 4th Amendment, it will allow unfettered abuse by bureaucrats and identity thieves.

Their excuse is they want to improve health and health care quality.

The truth is they want control.

Once we as Americans turned over our rights to our health care to the government, we removed the doctor from the equation and we forfeited our freedom of choice. We gave the government carte blanche to do whatever they want with our health, our rights, our freedom, and our privacy.

Obamacare will deprive us of the freedom over our health.

The unions met yesterday with the White House to ask for carve outs for their membership. They were allegedly denied but the White House promised to continue looking for legal loopholes to do it. Since when has the White House cared about legalities? There is no doubt that they will find the loopholes immediately after the law is in place in January or soon after.

The cronyism in the bill has been evident from the beginning.

This entire Obamacare debacle has been based on corruption. It was pushed through with bribery and extortion. The majority of Americans have not wanted it from day one, and that was before they knew what was in it.

People will be forced to pay more, give up their doctors and their plans, and they will be forced to pay for deadbeats because there are currently no safeguards to prevent fraud and waste. All this and no privacy as well. We will be subject to threats and blackmail at any time. The IRS scandal should have taught us how much we are in the government’s crosshairs now. It won’t just be the right-wing who can be targeted, it will be everyone.

How dare the government put us in this position and how dare Obamacare supporters put their fellow countrymen in this position. How dare the very same people who forced it on us, such as the unions, attempt to get carve outs. How dare Congress ask for and receives subsidies.

You should be sick over this. If you’re not, you’re not paying attention and I don’t care what your politics are.

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