In the days since the horrific shootings at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, companies have responded by taking sides against the NRA by canceling their relationships with them. They HAVE GIVEN NO REASON. This is wholly unAmerican! It’s also cowardly.

Although I am opposed to very unAmerican tactics such as boycotts, I think we should consider it in this case or at least let them know how we feel. The boycott against companies using NRA services is meant to destroy the NRA. The NRA is the most powerful organization we have protecting our 2nd Amendment.

The NRA had NOTHING to do with the MSD shootings. On the other hand, the cowardly Broward Sheriffs, social services, school policies, and the FBI did have something to do with the success of the killer’s rampage.

The boycott against the NRA is extremely dangerous and threatens our 2nd Amendment. The left wants it gone because they hate it and our entire Constitution. These companies caved to the leftists. They caved to bots and Think Progress – the Clinton-Soros group.

The police, social services, school, and an unwieldy FBI FBI FBI FBI let MSD down, not the NRA.

The NRA does not sell guns, but they do train in the proper use of guns and they protect our 2nd Amendment and our CONSTITUTION. If one Amendment falls, they all fall. The 2nd Amendment was intended to protect the 1st and 3rd.

To clarify, the AR-15 is a semi-automatic weapon, not a weapon of war, not an assault rifle.


The list of companies that are boycotting the NRA is long and continues to grow:


If you doubt how dangerous this is, check out how many ‘likes’ this has.

They’re even using children, their Brownshirts to take away our rights.

JOIN THE NRA TODAY even if you don’t own a gun. Send a message in support of the CONSTITUTION: CLICK HERE



  1. This father, Mr Pollack simply and effectively cut through the liberal and media bullcrap. Protect the kids NOW just like court houses, federal buildings, state buildings, congress people and on and on. Why not the kids? This is not a gun control issue. A gun is a tool, just like a knife, a bomb, a pressure cooker, a van are all tools that people use to inflict harm on other people. You don’t blame the car, the manufacturer or the dealership that sold the car when some person drives a vehicle down a crowded sidewalk, mowing people down. If someone is bent on harming our children, they will find a way to do it. Let’s not give them the opportunity. Do you lock your door at night before you go to sleep? Why? To protect your family and your possessions. Then why not lock down our schools during the day to protect our children? sad but its the bats**t crazy society we live in today

  2. WHOA!! Mr Pollack just LAID INTO Chris Wallace. Chris’s response was NOT to even respond to him. What a DAMN JERK Wallace is. Instead he goes to the young student girl who has pushed for gun control.

  3. I’m a bit confused here. I read a post in countering Hogg that he wasn’t in the same building where the shooting occurred. Is that true. Then why were they hiding in some closet. Did Hogg, himself, even Know any of the victims if his classes are in a different building. Are all those appearing on TV, themselves, classmates and also do not know the victims. The basic question is, does any outspoken anti-NRA student even know a single individual who lost their life that day.

    The Actual victims, the families, WERE the ones who visited the White House to seek some answers and remedies. This distinction falls on the deaf ears of the press, and should disgust the rational person. So far I haven’t heard if direct victims have taken any part in this “movement”.

  4. I’m surprised LifeLock and SimpliSafe would fall for this trick since they are widely advertised on Conservative outlets.

    I wonder if those like Limbaugh, Ingraham and Hanniy will continue to peddle their products. In the past they have steered away from boycotts but this is entirely different. In other cases there wasn’t such a direct relationship between the boycott and the Constitution. In This case it will show whether or not their talk of the “Constitution” really means anything. We’ll see, since in the last election the ones who attacked the left for their distorted attacks were the conservatives, like Glenn Beck, who employed an even worse tactic. If those three, and others, aren’t willing then ALL their rhetoric is NO different than the long-standing complaints they’ve wielded at so-called Republican.

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