NRA’s Scathing First Response to Obama’s Comments at His Town Hall on Guns


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Barack Obama held a town hall on Thursday which was televised by CNN so he could make the case for his unconstitutional gun mandates issued earlier this week. Unfortunately, according to a CNN poll, 67% of Americans agree with his unconstitutional fiats. The NRA came out strongly opposed.

One of the more offensive comments Barack Obama made at the town hall this evening was to suggest the NRA was profiting from gun violence.

The NRA did not send anyone to attend the town hall and Chris Cox of the NRA explained why – the NRA was only offered one prescreened question.

Barack Obama is “trying to create an illusion that he is trying to keep people safe” because “his policies have failed miserably”, Cox said, as he accused Obama of using the terrorist attacks as a chance to divert attention from his failures by inflicting more gun control.

“He has supported every gun control measure that’s been made. He doesn’t support the individual right to own a firearm,” Cox said. “It’s been the position of his Supreme Court nominees, that’s been the position of his administration.”

Cox said he doesn’t have an interest in talking to a president who “doesn’t have a basic level of respect or understanding in the Second Amendment and law-abiding gun owners in this country.”

Obama said he wanted to apply the same concept behind seatbelt laws to gun laws in order to protect our children. Cox said that’s not only “offensive”, it’s “disgusting.” This president wants people to believe gun owners don’t care about their children.

“The San Bernardino murder had something in common with the Santa Barbara murder, the Tuscon murder, and the Aurora murderer, and the Chattanooga, the Charleston, and the Southern Virginia,” Cox reminded the audience, “all of them went through President Obama’s background check and every one of them passed.”

Only 0.7% receive their guns from gun shows, Cox added.

The president has overseen a drop of gun crime prosecutions of 40% and he’s releasing convicted armed criminals from jail. “This president is no longer credible to speak to the issues of law-abiding citizens,” Cox added.

The NRA has done more about training in gun safety than “this president ever has or ever will,” he said.

The president has been more interested in “defeating the NRA” than “defeating crime, defeating mental health, and ultimately defeating terrorism,” he concluded.

The president can demonize the NRA but the NRA is the people, it is gun owners in America.


The infamous Father Phleger said guns are to blame for the violence on Chicago streets which is what one might expect from a Marxist priest but when Obama said it, it was more concerning.

Obama blamed the Chicago gun violence on gun shows which Anderson Cooper addressed by saying only 1% [it’s actually 0.7%] of crimes are committed by guns bought a gun shows.

Obama tried to say they are buying them from outside Chicago at gun shows in Indiana. The real problem which he ignores is the gang problem which is disproportionately represented by minorities.

This is what happens. Let’s go back to the city of Chicago that has strong gun control laws and often times the NRA will point to that as an example and say see, these things don’t work. Well, the problem is is that about 30, 40% of those guns are coming from Indiana across the border where they are much laxer laws and so folks will go to a gun show and purchase a whole bunch of firearms, put them in a van, drive up into Mike Pfleger’s neighborhood on the south side of Chicago where his parish is, open up the trunk, and those things are for sale. Now technically, you could say those folks bought them illegally but it was facilitated by the fact that what used to be a small exception that said collectors and hobbyists don’t need to go through a background check has become this massive industry where people doing business say they are not in the business of selling guns are and all we’re saying here is that we want to put everybody on notice that the definition of doing business, which means you have to register and means you have to run a background check is if you are making a profit and repeatedly selling guns then you should have to follow the same rules as every other gun dealer.

Obama also blamed the GOP for gun violence, claiming they are not funding the ATF. A gun shop owner asked him why he doesn’t just enforce the laws he has and he didn’t answer.

Chris Kyle’s widow Taya spoke passionately about the futility of Obama’s gun laws.


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