NSC Aide Made Army Official Vindman’s Testimony Useless


The hearsay testimony and concerns of Tim Morrison, a National Security Council aide, was more helpful to the Republicans but you wouldn’t know that from the media. In fact, it’s unclear why this impeachment trial [Democrats call it an inquiry] is still going on. Much of the Democrat narrative has been debunked.

According to the Republican summary of key points, Tim Morrison’s testimony doesn’t help the Democrats’ case, but, rather destroys much of it.

Here are a few of the points mentioned:

Mr. Morrison did not believe anything improper occurred on the July 25 call. (p. 60)

Mr. Morrison testified that the memorandum of conversation (a phrase used to describe the call transcript) of the July 25 call was complete and accurate. (p. 60) Morrison was only concerned the transcript might leak. (p. 46-47)

Mr. Morrison was told by National Security Council lawyer John Eisenberg that the July 25 call record mistakenly ended up on the highly classified system, debunking the Democrats’ allegations of an attempted “cover-up.” [Politico is still reporting it was secreted away]

Mr. Morrison repeatedly testified that he purposefully kept Lt. Col. Vindman out of the loop on this matter because he had concerns about Vindman’s judgment, which were also raised to him by Fiona Hill and others.

Mr. Morrison testified that, as the final clearing authority for any edits made to the 7/25 call package, he accepted all of Lt. Col. Vindman’s proposed edits. (p. 61-62)

Mr. Morrison testified that he does not believe Burisma came up on the call or that anyone suggested edits to the mem-con to include the word Burisma. (p. 64)

Mr. Morrison testified that Lt. Col. Vindman relayed two concerns to him about the July 25 call: that the call did not get into the subject matter they had hoped and the fidelity of the translation. (p. 72-73)

Mr. Morrison testified that Lt. Col. Vindman never reported to Morrison any of the “light queries” that he received from Ukrainian officials in August regarding the hold on aid. (p. 93)

Mr. Morrison confirmed that President Trump generally does not like foreign aid generally, and specifically held concerns that corruption in Ukraine may cause U.S. aid to be “misused.”


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