Nuclear Deal Update, What Might Be Done



The Ayatollah promises to evaporate Israel within the next twenty-five years and to continue its animosity towards the U.S.

The nuclear deal accomplished nothing beyond allowing Iran to become a nuclear threshold state with $150 billion to use for terrorist activities.

The nuclear deal was a done deal as soon as Obama began negotiations. It is now part of international law but there are some things Congress can and should do.

Congressional conservatives revolted against Speaker Boehner’s plan to move ahead under the Corker-Cardin bill and it was enough to force him to reconsider. Going along with the Corker-Cardin bill makes the deal part of U.S. law and it does not require Democrats to own it by casting votes.

National Review Online reported that there are three new House resolutions being put forward would deal with both issues and are now being considered by Boehner:

The first would declare that President Obama violated Corker-Cardin by failing to provide the side deals to Congress. The second will bar President Obama from lifting sanctions against Iran. The third will be a resolution outside of Corker-Cardin to “approve” the Iran deal that all Republicans will vote no on. Most Democrats will vote yes.

It won’t stop Obama from waiving most of the sanctions and it won’t stop a filibuster but it will force Democrats to cast a vote three times in favor of this horrendous deal. It also makes it clear that the bill was not approved by Congress.

The Corker bill was a serious mistake and this is one way to repudiate it.

Some believe that if Obama attempts to implement some of the pieces that are treaty-like, a court could issue a restraining order.

Last week, Andy McCarthy, writing for the National Review Online, insisted the deal could be stopped because, in accordance with the terms of the bill, the deal never began. Barack Obama did not fulfill the basic terms of the deal by providing the secret side deal with the IAEA to Congress. The terms of the inspections were not shared.

Whether the three-part bill passes the House or not is questionable.

Nothing will be done in the Senate.

Senate Minority leader Mitch McConnell wants to move ahead with the deal though he claims he doesn’t like it. He won’t even delay it despite the fact that only 21% of the American people approve of this so-called deal. He’s worthless to the American people and is a tool of special interests and the establishment.

The migrant crisis is already disastrous and will probably grow worse once the Ayatollah has $150 billion to create more terror and more chaos in the Middle East.

Reuters reports that the Ayatollah said Tehran will not negotiate with the United States on any issue after the landmark nuclear deal.

“We will not allow the US to influence (our) economy, or politics or culture. We will stand against such penetration with all our power – that, thank God, is at a high level today,” Ayatollah Khamenei said.

He also threatened to destroy Israel.

“God willing there will be nothing left of the Zionist regime in 25 years,” Khamenei said. “Meanwhile, the heroic jihadi Islamic spirit will not leave the Zionists in peace for a second.” He described Israel as a “fake” regime.

“Some of the Zionists have said that given the results of the nuclear negotiations (between Tehran and the world powers), they have been relieved of concerns about Iran for 25 years, but we tell them that basically, you will not see the next 25 years and with God’s grace, nothing under the name of the Zionist regime will exist in the region by then,” Ayatollah Khamenei said, addressing a large number of Iranians in Tehran on Wednesday.

He added that the heroic spirit and morale of Muslim fighters will not let the Zionists feel comfort and tranquility in the next 25 years.

The nuclear deal is as bad for what is in it as for what is not. It doesn’t prevent them from purchasing nuclear weapons from rogue states like North Korea.

One Iraq war veteran mentioned that on The Kelly File Wednesday evening.



  1. The Constitution is clear on what international agreements are-treaties. Yet our government has yet again trampled on the Constitution and now defies the will of the people. I must admit I get endless entertainment watching Kerry, Obama, and their legions of barking seals mumble about what a wonderful deal this is. I for one have to cheer on Obama for making Neville Chamberlain look like Rambo in comparison to Obama’s craven lies, deception, and willingness to hand nuclear weapons to our sworn enemies while telling us at every opportunity why our Marines cannot be entrusted with weapons to defend themselves amd why our police are really evil, racist crooks.

    The shame is that the Democrat Party is goose stepping right behind the Master Cylinder and Beloved Leader. As Churchill described Chamberlain, “he could have choosen betwenn dishonor and war, he choose dishonor and now he shall have war.” Obama has set us on the path to war.

    We now see disorder and war throughout the Middle East because of Obama. Once Iran has the bomb I am sure Kerry will tell us how he secured peace. I think all the Democrats who voted for this should get the Il Deuce treatment after war comes.

  2. State sponsored literature from Iran stated they were contemplating using an EMP [electromagnetic pulse] attack on America if and when they get their hands on a nuclear device… an EMP is a high-altitude nuclear detonation that puts out an electromagnetic pulse which basically fries all electronics and electrical systems… if that ever happens to America our own defense department states ‘up to 90%’ of Americans could die due to starvation and disease… including those who would be killed and murdered in the violent mayhem of rioting and looting that would ensue… now tell me how much do these scumbag Moslems mean to you now?
    and about the 25 years… I think within a year or two… not if but when they get the bomb they use one on Israel and one EMP on the U.S. and U.S. gets hit first and then Israel will get hit with the actual nuke second and it’ll happen as soon as they feel they have the bomb ready and they can deliver it [we don’t hear much about it now after Obama nuke deal with them… but prior to that everyone was giving them 1 to 2 years for the bomb and they are feverishly working on ICBMs]… and not like N. Korea… Iran isn’t going to test it first… they’re going to just use it on the U.S. and then Israel…. it’s their nature to lie and deceive the non-believer…
    “Moslem”… Until around the late 1980s, the word was commonly spelled Moslem in the English language… not Muslim… only until Moslems realized westerners started to understand the true nature of why it was spelled Moslem they wanted it spelled Muslim… and they hate it when it’s spelled Moslem.
    A Muslim in Arabic means “one who gives himself to God,” [rarely used before the late 1980s by English speaking people… example: to describe an Imam a preacher of the Qu’ran and Islam]
    and by contrast, a Moslem in Arabic means “one who is evil and unjust” [mostly used by English speaking people before the late 1980s who described the true nature of one who follows Islam]… anyone see Taqiyya (تقية) at work here… Taqiyya (تقية) a word for lying used in Islam by Moslems [deceiving infidels / non-believers].
    “truthful knowledge is power and words matter”… “Peace to all infidels”.

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