Nunes Wins a Victory, Mueller Pressures Jeff Sessions


Rep. Devin Nunes has spearheaded the House Intelligence Committee investigation into the suspect behavior of the Obama-era DOJ and the FBI during the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.

This past weekend, Nunes secured an agreement by the DoJ to have full access to the unredacted FISA application on Carter Page. It will hopefully answer many of the questions about the unmasking and spying.

It can’t end there and it is hardly enough. The Congress created the DoJ and FBI and they have oversight. The agencies are clearly violating the law.

Rep. Bob Goodlatte wants all 1.2 million pages in the investigation but the DoJ/FBI is stonewalling as they always do. The committee has only received 3,000 pages. The DoJ/FBI and other agencies have been doing this for the past decade, pretending they will turn the material over but then claim they need months or years to get it together.

They are simply trying to delay until President Trump is out of office.

The left used this Russia-Trump probe to “get” Trump, to have him impeached, and it has backfired on them, exposing their corruption, unmasking, and spying.

The Mueller Investigation Is Unsupervised, Mueller Is a Rogue Attorney General

Tom Fitton at Judicial Watch pointed out that we ‘accidentally’ found out that Mueller raided Paul Manafort’s house, strip-searched his wife, terrified his children without permission from Rod Rosenstein. That permission to do what he had already done was given six days after the July 26 predawn, guns-drawn raid of Manafort’s home, and 10 weeks after Mueller’s appointment. Reportedly, Mueller’s team photographed Manafort’s suits during the raid.

Mueller is even looking into anything and everything about Ukraine, without supervision.

The Witch Hunt Bullies Jeff Sessions

There is reason to believe a great deal of pressure is being placed on Jeff Sessions. At the end of March, Washington Examiner reported that Rober Mueller’s team of Progressive Democrats questioned Sessions’ ‘conversation’ with Russian Ambassador Kislyak. That is a dead horse, beaten to death by Al Franken and others.

Also in the Washington Examiner report, it was revealed that Mueller wants to know why the Republican Party platform omitted language that asked for the U.S. to provide “lethal defensive weapons to Ukraine’s armed forces and greater coordination with NATO on defensive planning.”

The suggestion is they planned to go soft on Russia.

If Trump was colluding with Russia, he would not be able to react as tough as he has over the course of his young presidency. It is obvious there is no collusion.

Mueller and his team of bullies are on a fishing expedition and it needs to end. It’s a witch hunt.

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Judyann Joyner
Judyann Joyner
4 years ago

We The People have lost all respect and confidence in our criminal justice system, FBI CIA NSA DOJ IRS- essentially the federal government. And for god reason
George Bush spoke last year about a crisis of confidence trying to insinuate due to our president, Donald Trump. Boy was he way off the mark

We The People MUST act up. We MUST be loud and relentless. Let those like Mark Meadows Devin Nunes Bob Goodlatte, all of the Freedom Caucus members we appreciate and support them while calling out every corrupt and treasonous SOB standing in their way of the people’s business

Better that Rosenstein be removed by impeachment then fired by the president. This sends a message to the other traitors comply or be put out in disgrace.

Once Rosenstein is out of the way, President Trump is free to FIRE Sissy Sessions and appoint an acting AG which does not require an approval process

Meanwhile keep calling DC, email text tweet write letters. They pay more attention to this than you might think.

Btw. Snail mail letters get the most attention

Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve
4 years ago

Carter Paige gave a speech in Russia about a professional subject and he was harassed for years with Federal Warrants not based upon Probable Cause.
Bill Clinton gave a speech in Russia about B,S and was paid one half of a Million Dollars as part of a bribe for our uranium.
Can you guess what our great ruler was up to? Osama Obama, I mean, the guy who said that regular folks were not able to rule themselves, but needed a “king” like him to rule them, Get it???
(Someone put a bullet in the forehead of of the great lady of Justice…………………………….

Frank S.
Frank S.
4 years ago

The corrupt Dems and Never-Trumpers in the DOJ and FBI are stalling in the hopes Republicans lose, at least, the House this fall. This would put Democrats in charge of committees, effectively ending any serious review of the cancers spreading through Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.