NY 2020 Presidential Candidate Wants a China-Like Social Credit System


A 2020 Democratic candidate for President named Andrew Yang, a New York businessman, has a plan for doling out social credits. It is similar to communist China’s social engineering system of social credits.

Yang, a big government candidate, who has been on the campaign trail for nine months, doesn’t see Americans volunteering enough or as socially connected as he’d like to see.


He has a plan that will socially engineer all that. It’s called Time Banking through digital social credits (DSCs). It’s a new alternate currency tracked by app and SEEDED – to start allegedly – by big government. After that local government would OVERSEE.

You earn these DSCs by “volunteering at a shelter, coaching a little league, helping at a town fair, tutoring, watering a neighbor’s plant, bringing in someone’s mail,” and so on. There would be rewards and a running tally of unspent social credits you can cash in for tickets to a ball game or meeting with a government leader or securing help fixing your garage door.  All this is explained on Yang’s presidential campaign website.

It’s a behavior modification program with government involvement where people are engineered socially and good deeds are always rewarded with a payment. The idea of doing good for the sake of doing good will go out the window in time — of necessity.

That would be quite a change in our society. We could be the land of the robot people.

People could even have a permanent lifetime balance of points to cash in for experiences and purchases and if enough points are built up, one might be able to throw a pitch at a local ballgame.

Big whoopee-do.


The key here is Yang says it’s better than working for a low salary. In other words, this is a low salary disguised as favors paid out and owed.

It is dangerously close to the social credit system in China’s dictatorship whereby citizens attain social credit scores to buy, say, plane or train tickets. Yang’s spokesperson told The Daily Caller that China’s system is more of a score/rating by the government than a system of credits.

However, it’s dangerously close.

He also calls for big government in all things like free college, free health care, free everything. Then he describes it as “unconditional love”. He is talking about a neo-communism. Yang’s one and he thinks he can make it work.


The candidate also wants a universal basic income. It’s dolled-up communism but he calls it capitalism that doesn’t start at zero. The problem is the government has to steal other peoples’ money and control it to make this happen. It damages or ends the system of earned income. There has to be an authoritarian in charge of all this.

Yang claims our economies are changing and we have to change with them, but how will full government control help? What’s the nexus? It’s a straw man argument.

You have to love how he brings Thomas Paine, Martin Luther King, and Milton Friedman into it. They’re all dead and can’t respond.


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herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
5 years ago

This is just Utopian Socialism dressed up in various terms of delusions.

John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago

One would have to rearrange the human psyche…and account for the myriad aberrations…

Ray Bryant
Ray Bryant
5 years ago