NY AG Hopeful Zephyr Teachout Wants to Prosecute ICE Agents as Criminals


Far-left and lawless Zephyr Teachout wants to become the New York Attorney General. In that role, she plans to prosecute ICE agents. Teachout doesn’t even realize ICE had nothing to do with border separations. That was border patrol. The candidate also sees illegal immigration and legal immigration as one and the same, continually conflating the two.

Teachout says ICE agents were born of xenophobia, and claims they are an offense to the concept of law itself.

This is who the Democrat Party will willingly accept into their ranks. They are the extremists. Republicans don’t embrace the KKK or Nazis [who are Socialists by the way], but Democrats embrace fascism, socialism, and communism.


She has been endorsed by fellow leftist and know-nothing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. That should tell you a lot.

Zephyr Rain Teachout is a political agitator and Associate Professor of Law at Fordham University. These two are the ‘New Left’, the ‘radical Democrats’ and big ACLU supporters.

The anti-Capitalist Teachout served as treasurer for Cynthia Nixon’s campaign for governor of New York until May 2018 when she announced her run. Nixon is certifiably far-left.

The AG wannabe also endorsed Bernie Sanders, a Socialist/Communist who has launched a political revolution — his words.

She hopes to prosecute President Trump as attorney general, and has joined with Elizabeth Warren in the nonsensical Emoluments Clause argument.


Her stated goals during an interview with Slate were threefold. First, she wants to prosecute the Trump organization and Donald Trump himself.

Next, she will negate his presidential power to pardon where she can.

“New York has very strong laws against bank fraud, tax fraud, false statements, obstruction of governmental administration, bribery, money laundering, larceny, just to name a few. So if Trump were to issue a self-serving pardon, I, as attorney general, would be fully ready to bring state charges, those that are not barred by our own state double-jeopardy statue.”

Lastly: “The third area is in leading these critical lawsuits against specific Trump policies, whether that’s the tragically failed effort to stop the Muslim ban, or the EPA rollback on environmental standards.”

In other words, she disagrees with his policies so she will weaponize the office and criminalize opinions different from her own.

Unbelievably, she said the last AG [Eric Schneiderman] has 100 [frivolous] actions against Trump and she wants to pile on.


Getting back to her anti-law enforcement rhetoric, it’s important to note that she wants to abolish ICE. She doesn’t even know what they do.

Zephyr told the Slate interviewer lawyers should be playing a leading role in calling for abolishing ICE. According to her, they are no longer credible. As the chief law enforcement officer she will call them out.

Her TV ad says she will prosecute them [for doing their job].


Let’s be clear: Ice is a fairly recent development. When the George W Bush administration successfully pushed to place immigration enforcement within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), it transformed decades of past practice where internal immigration policy was conducted by the justice department. The new policy sent a clear and chilling signal: immigrants should be treated as criminals and a national security threat.

The criminalization of immigrants came into stark view at Trump’s State of the Union, where Trump publicly praised an Ice officer as a “leader in the effort to defend our country” who gets “dangerous criminals off our streets”. The “dangerous criminals” that Ice in fact targets includes families and individuals who have lived in the country for decades with no criminal record.

By treating immigrants as criminals and national security threats, Ice – and CBP, also placed with DHS in 2003 – enhanced its own power and decreased oversight. The new design makes it hard to stop abuse and lawlessness, as Ice and CBP operate in the shadows, largely free from public scrutiny.

She has apparently never heard of MS-13. Zephyr never heard of any of the transnational gangs setting up shop in New York state.

This is what the Democrat Party thinks is acceptable. They promote her, and at the same time they tear Trump apart for wanting to make America great again.

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