NY AG Who Ranted in a Selfie About Getting Trump Is Now Getting Trump

Letitia James

New York Attorney General Letitia James promised to investigate every dealing the President was ever involved in, much as they would do in any communist country. She is now making good on her promise.

The New York Attorney General has subpoenaed two banks, including Deutsche Bank, for records relating to financing of four major Trump Organization projects and a 2014 effort to buy an NFL team.

The inquiry by Ms. James’s office is a civil investigation, not a criminal one, although its focus and scope were unclear. The law apparently allows her to go on this fishing expedition in search of a crime based on claims the Trump Organization has a history of committing illegal acts. Never mind that there are no criminal convictions around the Trump Organization.


The request to Deutsche Bank sought loan applications, mortgages, lines of credit and other financing transactions in connection with the Trump International Hotel in Washington; the Trump National Doral outside Miami; and the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago, the person said.

Investigators also requested records connected to an unsuccessful effort to buy the Bills, the person said. Mr. Trump gave Deutsche Bank bare-bones personal financial statements in 2014 when he planned to make a bid for the team, The New York Times has reported. The deal fell through when the team was sold to a rival bidder for $1.4 billion.

New Jersey-based Investors Bank was subpoenaed for records relating to Trump Park Avenue, a project it had backed.

They likely want his tax returns.


This comes after months of threats from the former consumer advocate, Letitia James that she would aggressively investigate Mr. Trump.

Meanwhile, the President has committed no crime. Democrats are allowed to pursue political enemies in unreasonable ways. Just remember that if a government can do this to him, they can do it to anyone, including other Democrats.

James made her clear-cut bias and animosity toward the president known before her election. In an unprofessional selfie rant last November, she promised to go after him. This is what fascist New York thinks is reasonable behavior by an attorney general.





  1. Theres Obama’s America , “if we dont like someone , we use our positions the public has entrusted us with to illegally go after them until we find something, anything , to destroy them .. ”
    This is how commies and fascists operated , and the lefties love it ..
    Guilty until proven innocent .

  2. When was the last time New York Attorney General Letitia James and all her family were investigated for everything they ever did?

    Lets start a GoFundMe page to do just that!!!

  3. The only REAL answer is for Americans to STOP electing corrupt Democrats. BUT…we seem to be too dense to comprehend this.

  4. GASP!!!….But…..But….She can’t be a racist….”They” can’t be racists…..Can they???……Maybe just a tad……Maybe, more than a tad…….GASP!!!

  5. They can be ALL summed up as???….whats the use they were elected….let that sink in…and the fact that the mainstream fake media and social censorship media are totally corrupt and have actually joined forces to ensure Big Brothers “one narrative” does not a happy future ensure!!!

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