NY AG Working With Robert Mueller Brags That He’s the Resistance


Eric Schneiderman, the highly partisan New York attorney general who wanted to imprison climate change doubters, has in the past probed Trump University and used his office to persecute Eric Trump over his charity. Schneiderman has also aided Robert Mueller’s witch hunt. To top it all off, he’s admitting, no, boasting, that he’s part of the resistance to the Trump presidency.

As Daily Caller reports, Schneiderman is proud to be an anti-Trump litigator. They said he boasted of his successful resistance to the Trump administration in a Tuesday Medium post.

At the same time, The NY Times tweeted a link to an article profiling Schneiderman in a positive light for his lawsuits against every action by the President – or at least 100 of them, including the travel bank and rescission of DACA.

In August, Daily Caller reports, Mueller’s office worked with Schneiderman to help gain leverage against Trump allies. Trump can’t pardon people for state crimes and Mueller wanted to reduce Trump’s powers to pardon.

Not only is this corrupt official bragging about trying to take down the President, he’s working with the NY Times to promote his cause. Make no mistake, this is an attack on everyone who likes the President’s agenda. Is Mueller part of the resistance as well?


  1. I’ve been watching commercials boasting his lawsuits against this administration and the EPA. It is an abomination that we are paying for him to use his office for his “resistance” against our duly elected President. New York just keeps spending our money for their political ends. This has nothing to do with pollution from other states, it is all about political elitists throwing a temper tantrum, having not won the presidency! New York keeps losing people, rich people and poor alike, there will be no one to pay for all that the left and right have been giving away at the taxpayers expense! There is no end in site! How much time and money is he spending, NOT doing the work for New Yorkers? How many more elected officials all over the country are in cahoots with the resistance? Yes, I believe there is a strong case to be had for Mueller to be part of it too!

    • In New York, like Illinois, the media is in partnership with these abusive democrats. Most of the public do not look into things deep enough to know better. That is what fosters this abuse. Schneiderman wants higher office. That seems to dominate his work activities.

      • I wonder if Cuomo and Schneiderman are planing their assent into bigger and better offices together? I would love to know the amount of money that is being spent in all these frivolous lawsuits!

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