NY Congressman Explains the Shocking Reason Why Hillary Wants 65,000 Syrian Refugees Rushed Into the US


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Less than one week after the horrific Orlando attack, Obama, acting as a monarch, is rushing unvetted Syrian refugees into the country. A total of 441 Muslim Syrian refugees have entered this week alone with 49 of them going to Florida. Those are some stunning numbers.

Hillary Clinton wants 65,000 to come in this year and a New York Congressman explains the shocking reason why: Hillary Clinton takes that position because she cares more about winning the election than protecting the American people.

This is a fundamental transformation. They will be Democrat voters. We will lose the character of our nation and become a one-party country.

On Thursday, investigative reporter for PJ Media Patrick Poole said that Obama has as many as 20,000 unvetted Syrian refugees ready to pour into the US.

Congressman Lee Zeldin appeared on Neil Cavuto’s show this afternoon and spoke with the host standing in for Cavuto.

Zeldin said that we do not have the documentation from their home country to screen them. They can’t be screened. None of them should be allowed to enter. A more stabilized Middle East is the true humanitarian effort.

The pace of the massive influx has picked up enormously. Doesn’t this bother people? Obama is acting as a king, legislating our freedoms away. He’s bringing in people who follow sharia law which cannot co-exist with our Constitution and some of them will be terrorists. Isn’t the humanitarian thing to protect the homeland and our citizens?

We could send aid and provide safe zones for the people suffering in Syria.

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The congressman explains:

In this next clip, you can hear the CIA Director John Brennan explain to Congress on Thursday that ISIL will exploit the refugee program to bring terrorists into the United States.

In the clip, Sean Hannity also reminded people that the top Air Force commander in Europe Phillip Breedlove said ISIS was infiltrating the flow of refugees into Europe. Other intelligence officials warned us: General John Allen, the National Intelligence Director James Clapper, FBI Director Jim Comey, State Department spokesperson John Kirby, Michael Steinbeck the assistant FBI Director, House Homeland Security Chair Mike McCaul, and others.


  1. Regardless of who Tony might be, unfortunately i hate to admit…..we the USA look like dumb asses for exactly the reason he stated. Europe is a perfect example of why we should help the refugees, but not by letting them into the US. There are other options such as safe zones somewhere in the middle East. Europe is on fire because of their refugee program and its plain for us to see. What are we doing? Following Europe’s lead. Land of the Proud and the Free? I wish. Obama is making us look like land of the stupid Goons

  2. ha ha ha the muslims will rule the usa, you are f[…]ked up race it must be said, LOOK OVER THE WATER AND LOOK WHATS HAPPENING TO EUROPE, AND YOU STILL LET THEM IN, RACE OF GOONS.

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