NY Crazy! NY Needs $$$ so they will tax all who enter heart of NYC


New York State and New York City are in sad financial straits. The State faces more than a two billion dollar shortfall, partly due to wealthy and middle-class New Yorkers fleeing the high taxes. The liberals/leftists voted for the politicians who said they would tax them all into oblivion.

The liberals/leftists also made New York City a mass transit disaster. There are bike lanes, construction everywhere, and it’s a misery to get around. Their solution according to them is more taxes.

New York CBS affiliate WLNY reported that lawmakers want to impose a new tax on motorists. They dishonestly framed it as “congestion pricing” for those who drive into midtown Manhattan. The proceeds of that toll ostensibly going toward improvements and maintenance for the city’s buses and subway system.

The bus and subway system is in dire need of improvements.

The core principle is wrong. You shouldn’t take from one group – in this case, motorists – to pay for another group – the mass transit riders. If they need more money for mass transit, then they need to raise the rates on trains and buses. Of course, the left hates cars and wants them gone, which plays into the equation.

Therefore, to fulfill their needs, the powers-that-be need MORE drivers to pay the tolls so they can improve congestion by encouraging FEWER drivers. They also need the money to fix the mass transit, but if there are FEWER drivers, they won’t get the money needed.

Driver’s entering 60th and below in Manhattan will pay around $12 for personal cars, $25 for large trucks. That will allegedly provide $1 billion annually while also reducing traffic congestion as some drivers avoid entering the area.

That’s quite the theory. How will they make that billion dollars when motorists avoid the area? What happens to congestion in the rest of Manhattan? What about all the costs that businesses will have to pass on to consumers?

New Jersey wants a piece of the action. Who knows what endless numbers of government thieves will put their hands in the till.

Cut-outs are already planned, such as for the poor or those who live in the area. That means the government thieves will get less money. Motorists on the FDR and West Side highways will only have to pay once, so that will become far more crowded and the thieves will make less.

Staten Island will get a cut out and pay $5 for the Verrazano instead of $12 or $19 depending on whether you have an easy pass or not, but people in Brooklyn don’t get that break.

If they get fewer motorists as they hope, that will hurt businesses, especially gas stations.

If they put those trusses up for the cameras, it will be unsightly.

New York is a welfare state and a sanctuary for anyone who wants to come in from foreign lands and partake in the freebies. New York recently had to cut money to things like the Special Olympics, the same organization Trump was going to cut. Only Trump was criticized, however. New York escaped scrutiny as it cut the funds for the handicapped and upped the funding for the care of illegals. The governor raised his salary $45,000 and upped his Lt. Gov.’s at the same time, but he is the ruler after all.

Those of you who are not in New York will be just like us one day. The leftists are taking over. Vote Republican, like them or not, they’re not as horrible.

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