NY Gov Cuomo Compares Himself to Churchill, Will Command a Fleet [Video]


The clownish New York Governor Andrew Cuomo vowed to enlist a “citizens fleet” of leisure boats and fishing vessels to block any attempt to construct oil-drilling facilities off the state’s shores. No one is doing that but he’s ready just like Churchill!

No one is forcing any such activity but that doesn’t stop a politician’s bloviating.

The far-left thug says he’ll commission fishing vessels, leisure boats and command the entire fleet himself, just like Winston Churchill.

“I’m going to commission a citizen fleet to stop it just as Winston Churchill did at Dunkirk,” Cuomo said, invoking the former British prime minister’s call for a seaborne operation of fishing boats and leisure vessels to rescue evacuating soldiers from the French shore line. He called Trump’s decision to permit offshore drilling “an unacceptable risk.

“If you think I’m kidding, I’m not, and I’m going to lead that citizen fleet.”

The moral equivalence is breathtaking. WWII and oil drilling?

He thinks Trump’s a bully but Cuomo does everything by fiat.

“The only way you stop a bully is by standing up and putting your finger in his or her chest,” Cuomo, 60, said.

This is a man who passes bills by fiat against the will of the senate and half the people who live in New York.

Cuomo has a primary opponent, an actress, Cynthia Nixon who is even further left than he is. He wants to use his bully pulpit to outperform her with fake catastrophes.

Cuomo touted a state-subsidized solar-panel manufacturing plant in Buffalo, which he said would be the largest in the U.S., as an example of economic-development measures to support renewable energy. He mocked Trump’s promises to return to the country’s dependence on coal and fossil fuels.

The company is tied to left-wing politicos of course.

The Trump administration policy, which would open 90 percent of U.S. offshore oil reserves to private development, has attracted bipartisan opposition from most of the governors of the 22 coastal states it would affect. However, Trump isn’t forcing it on anyone. He merely said they can if they want to.

Watch this short clip of Cuomo — we added some film footage to enhance his speech:

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Frank S.
Frank S.
5 years ago

I wonder if Churchill would have had the same number of volunteers, if he’d previously made sure to disarm as many of them as possible? Somewhere in NY there’s a straight jacket waiting with open arms to embrace our increasingly unhinged governor.
The clip and “Vice Admiral Cuomo” pics are hilarious! Great work Sara.