NY Gov Pardons Pedophiles, Rapists, Voodoo Rapist, Cop Killer So They Can Vote


Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) has granted conditional pardons to dozens of convicted sex offenders “deemed too dangerous to be returned to the community” so they can vote, according to a New York Daily News report.

Under his new policy, he granted conditional pardons to some 24,000 parolees. At least 77 of these are convicted sexual predators. This includes rapists, pedophiles, and a man known as the “voodoo rapist.”

Names aren’t released so it’s impossible to know how many more are too dangerous to be in society, but they will get to vote!

From the NY Daily News report:

While the names of those in civil confinement are often shielded, a comparison of records showed the 77 predators shared one of two addresses — both of which happened to be upstate mental hospitals that house the civilly confined. One of the predators is Hector Aviles, 61, who was known as the “voodoo rapist.” Aviles was convicted of second-degree rape in Westchester County in 2008 after telling three of his victims — the oldest of whom was 16 — that if they participated in a sexual “ritual” with him, he could help them with their problems. If they didn’t, he said, bad things would happen to them and their families.

The rest of the list of 77 is littered with convicted pedophiles and rapists and other violent sexual abusers. All were granted conditional pardons from Cuomo under a new policy. The policy is designed to give back the right to vote to those who leave prison.

Convicted cop killer Herman Bell was released earlier this year under the same policy.

Some of these people are so dangerous they are sent to mental institutions after their sentences are up.

Senator Flanagan called the Cuomo policy “hands-down the most egregious public policy misstep” of his administration.

“This policy rewards the worst of the worst sexual predators and lowlifes in our society and undermines the integrity of our voting system in every way, shape and form,” Flanagan added.

It greatly undermines our electoral system. It’s also a slap in the face of the many victims of these dangerous people.

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