NY Governor Cuomo Demands Continued Racism in College Admissions


Affirmative Action is racism. It is the preference of one race over another, period. Many believe African-Americans deserved extra consideration given the way they were treated, but it’s not necessary any longer., especially since it has not been an advantage.


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo doesn’t care if it’s racism or if it helps get votes. He has to keep up with the other leftist running for Governor, Cynthia Nixon.

He directed state universities to uphold affirmative action policies, in an open letter Thursday.

Cuomo called on State University of New York (SUNY) Board of Trustees Chair H. Carl McCall and City University of New York (CUNY) Board of Trustees Chair William C. Thompson Jr. to maintain diversity policies that promote race in admissions.

He is so wrong. Race no longer has any business being considered.

The letter came after President Donald Trump’s administration rejected affirmative action policies by rescinding several documents on Tuesday.

CUNY is irrelevant. When I went to school, we called it the Communist University of NY. It is worse now. SUNY is a different story. It’s a very worthwhile system of universities.

Cuomo wrote:  It is part of a troubling trend by the President and his administration to alienate minorities and build walls to diversity and equal participation in society.

In fact, the racism in admissions has the opposite effect. It is destructive for black students.

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