NY Governor Declares War on “Extortionist NRA” for Blocking Gun Control


Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York declared war on the NRA and has openly admitted he wants to hit them in their pocketbook so they can no longer stand in the way of gun control.

The gun control he has already put in place in New York guts the Second Amendment and he isn’t finished. The governor doesn’t believe in semi-automatic weapons or legal guns that hold more than two bullets. He would like a law that backs that up.

Make no mistake, this is not about gun control, it is about destroying the Second Amendment and confiscating guns. He is pushing other governors to do the same as he is doing. One move he has taken recently is to prevent legal gun owners from obtaining insurance and to keep the NRA from providing it.


The NRA entered the insurance market in April 2017 to protect gun owners. It was a source of revenue. They chose Carry Guard. Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety claimed it was illegal for the NRA to provide insurance and complained to New York authorities, controlled by Cuomo.

Cuomo is a gun grabber and he controls the insurance regulators. The rorsegulat decided it broke the law because it covered gun owners for “acts of intentional wrongdoing.” [You would need to spend a lot of money just to prove it wasn’t intentional. That’s the whole purpose of the insurance, to help pay legal expenses defending onesself.]

In May, the oversight agency fined two insurance companies that backed Carry Guard — Lockton Companies and Chubb — and shut down the program in New York, along with a variety of other insurance products the NRA sold to members. The Department of Financial Services says its investigation of the NRA’s marketing of Carry Guard remains ongoing.

The governor is politically blacklisting the NRA. He is a gun grabber and sees hitting them in their finances as a way to destroy them. If Americans no longer have a lobby for the Second Amendment, it will be far easier to gut it.


Indeed, Andrew Cuomo, a dictator, admits he wants to damage the NRA’s business.

“If they have less money to bully and threaten politicians into irrational positions, I’m not going to lose any sleep over that,” Cuomo said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday. “And if they went away, I would offer my thoughts and prayers, Joe, just like they do every time we have another situation of innocents losing their lives.”

In fact, he is a very nasty bully and the one who threatens people. He uses his power to control.

NBC News contacted an expert:

Cuomo’s aggressive stance against the NRA is unusual but could be effective, said Daniel Schwarcz, an expert in insurance law and regulation at the University of Minnesota Law School.

He pointed to the Department of Financial Services’ guidance letter, which relied on the concept of “reputational risk” — basically, how a company’s actions influence the way it is viewed in the marketplace, and how that affects its ability to remain in good financial health.

Schwarcz said it could be a stretch to show that working with the NRA significantly changes a company’s reputational risk. But financial institutions are typically very careful not to anger regulators, who wield a tremendous amount of power over them.

“If it’s simply a matter of not writing a policy that might generate a small amount of revenue, the prudent thing to do might be, ‘Let’s not even get close to that line,’” Schwarcz said.

The NY dictator is calling on other governors to answer his call to destroy the NRA’s membership insurance programs, including Carry Guard.

NRA lawyer William Brewer III said in a statement that the organization considered Cuomo’s campaign to persuade other states “regrettable and misguided” but believed it was his right to do so.

“We believe what he cannot do, as a public official subject to the First Amendment, is coerce third parties to boycott an organization whose political speech he dislikes,” Brewer said.

The NRA has separately sued Lockton, accusing the insurance underwriter of abandoning it under pressure from New York authorities. Lockton has blamed the NRA for courting trouble, including an “inflammatory marketing campaign” for Carry Guard.


Most government officials don’t go after lobbying groups. It deprives the people who are behind the lobby of a voice, but that is Andrew Cuomo’s goal.

The NRA in New York is suing New York on First Amendment grounds.

Listen to this horrible thug:


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